Xhaust Problems for Inspection

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by Cobra3150, Jan 4, 2006.

  1. Well forget about the engine noise because now I have another problem. My car won't pass emissions with the current exhaust on it. I presently have a 21/4" off road x-pipe in the middle and I'm gonna need to get another x-pipe or H-pipe with high flow cats. Anybody have any input on which is the better brand to go with? I already have a 21/2" Flowmaster American Thunder catback setup to replace the rear portion but what's better for the mid-section, the x-pipe or the h-pipe with cats? Need some input on this.


  2. I can't give you any advice, I'm still running a stock exhaust.

    However, it'll be helpful for the rest of the folks on the forum, who have more experience than me, to know where you are, and how strict an inspection you need to pass. Is it a sniffer, visual only, or whatever. For that matter what year is your car and what are the mods? You'll get a much better, and more useful, response if you give us some more information. There's no one answer that fits all years and mods.
  3. Xhaust prob solved

    Thanks for the input but I figured out what I'm going to do. I'm just gonna find a stock h-pipe and put that on for the visual inspec. I have long tubes and an off road h-pipe to match to exchange that with afterwards. As long as I keep the mileage below 5k/year I'll be fine. Just have one question though. The long tubes I have are for a 351W swap application. Will they still work with the stock 302. I realize it's the same block but are the pipes rearranged in any way to compensate for the top end width of the 351? I'm hoping not.:SNSign:
  4. I have a prochamber on my 97 GT. It has an sct tune and never threw a code. I don't have mil eliminators so I'm assuming the tune made it so it would pass inspection. Try getting a tune and see if that works. In Maryland, they just hook up to your computer for emissions. If your state actually shoves the probe up the ole tailpipe, you might be screwed. What car do you have?
  5. I have a 93 Cobra. I don't have any idea what brand x-pipe is under the car but it is an off-road app. I just purchased the BBK x-pipe w/high flow converts and that will pass me on emissions but I am worried about one thing. I've done some homework on these and I've read quite a few reviews on BBK x-pipes and the tinny resonation sound they make. Is this true for the convertor pipes as well as the off road pipes? If so then I'd probably be better off just sticking with the h-pipe w/converts. I haven't read anything bad about those at all. I haven't had the x-pipe installed yet so if you or anybody else out there has any input I could sure use it. Thanks:SNSign: