Xm Direct???

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  1. I purchased an XM direct system because I've read reviews of them working in a 2004 Mach 1 which is what I have. I also see some sites that sell them say they work on the Mach 1. Mine doesn't work. Has anybody else had this problem and figured out a way for it to work?
  2. What did you get, more specificaly. what is the unit model number make ???
  3. It's the XMDFDK kit. Has the XMDFOR100 adapter. My head unit is the Mach 460. When I press the SAT button on the radio it just says "NO SAT"
  4. I now have it working, after a little wiring change. On the harness I received the orange wire that's shown below next to the yellow was not located as below. I relocated it to match the below picture and it works with no problems. The orange wire on the harness they sent me was in the same spot that is empty in the second picture below.
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