XM Radio antenna on a 'vert

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  1. Has anyone mounted an XM Radio antenna on a 'vert? The ones that I've seen are mounted on the roof. Is there one designed for 'verts?
  2. Yes my sister has her's mounted on the trunk lid, and it really dosnt look bad. I believe circuit city sells the trunk mount kit.
  3. I don't have a vert, but I mounted mine between the trunk lid and the rear glass. Ran the wires out of the trunk to it. Another place is stick it on your dash toward the front of the windshield.

  4. I got a magnetic one on my trunk lid, ran the wire into my trunk and just took it between the trunk lid and the back glass and stuck it on the trunk
  5. Get the small magnetic one and mount it in the middle of the trunk up near the glass. It will work fine.

    I tried my sirius one on the dash and the signal was lost alot. It might be diff with a vert because there is no metal roof.

  6. ok, here's the deal, go to best buy and buy the xm tuner, it will come with an antenna, it's magnetic. you must mount it on solid metal.... we mount alot in the middle of the trunk up towards the front most portion on the trunklid. ..better described towards the front of the car. it will be fine. then run your wire down your trunk lid rail behid the carpet, down the doorsill, up to the drivers kick, and then to your tuner... wherever you're putting that...
    PS there's no VERT specific, they're all the same thing

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  7. Thanks for the help!
  8. you might be able to mount it in the middle under/in the rubber seal in the front, but im not sure how they mount
  9. i didnt wanna have the antenna stuck on the outside of my car so i took it apart and stuck it to the inside of my windshield

    i bought a extra antenna off ebay, opend it up, removed just the antenna part from the case and used double sided tape to stick it to the inside of my windshield where it would get good signal. no problems

    i have sirius tho