XM radio (or just sat radio)

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  1. First off, i've been a volkswagen guy for the last 4 years....ended up trading my R32 (best car i have ever owned) for a 04 mustang gt...i know alot about VW's but nothing about the fords. In the mustang, i have a hook up for satellite radio...so with that, how can i get XM radio? What equipment do i need? I figure i just need a receiver and a antenna...but what about wiring? Is all the wiring already there, or do i have to custom everything?
  2. If it's a factory ford radio then you just need the receiver id # and call it in to XM. The antenna will already be there for sat radio. If you mean you have an auxiliary input then you'll need a full satellite receiver and a headphone to headphone cable. The receiver will come with a new antenna.
  3. the radio is stock. It has a mach audio system (not sure which one) The radio faceplate has a sat button, but when pushed says "no sat" I've looked in the trunk and all i see are two amps in the trunk. Where would the receiver be, and where is the antenna located?
  4. hes wrong, you have to purchase a kit that goes with the with head unit. its about $250-$300 it includes the module and and antenna and harness.
  5. I also have an '04 Mustang GT. Came w/ the Mach 460 radio w/ 6 cd changer. It has the CD/Aux & SAT buttons on it. I bought the XMDFOR100 kit but I'm getting the same problem. I press the SAT button and get the "NO SAT" message on the screen. Everything seems to be connected fine. Any help would be greatly appreciated!! I want XM Direct instead of having to get the signal through an FM Modulator!!

  6. sirius > XM

    is the module getting power?
  7. Not sure. I thought that it may have been the problem but how would I be able to test it?

    If it's not, what would you suggest doing?
  8. Anyone have any ideas??? Still trying to get this to work!