XM Radio, Where to mount antenna???

Discussion in 'Mustang Sound & Shine All' started by 97GTSTANG, Nov 28, 2004.

  1. Whats the best location to mount the antenna, honestly i dont like it ontop of the roof. I was thinking inside the back window, between the two speakers. Any other suggestions?
  2. put it on the trunk lid.
  3. THanks for the links Besttimes. I think i will install the antenna just like you did. looks like it will work well. I reall dont think it will look good on the trunklid. Where did you get the antenna from? How much does it run?\
  4. I bought that system over 3 years ago and relocated it from my old car when I bought my Mustang. The new systems come with the antenna and the new antannas are much smaller. The new systems also cost much less. You can get them at Best Buy, Circuit City, Crutchfields, or your local stereo shop.
    Wal Mart also has some models.

    Here's a link for info on some of the XM tuner systems:

  5. well, the trunk lid is where most professional places put them. i.e.: best buy/ circuit city, car toys

    or on the top of the roof. the trunk lid is just an easier install than the roof.

    under the rear windshield is fine, i installed an XM in an 05 stang like that, worked like a charm...until he gets tint, then we'll have to see from there
  6. You can put it inside the car and it works just fine here are some pics of mine. You can see the small delphi antenna inbetween the kid seat tie downs. Let me know if you have any questions Dan
  7. are you using the remote for that roady? and it doesnt look like you have tint on the rear windshield. i have 5% and that looks like a nice place (b/c i dont want it on the outside of the vehicle either) but i havent talked to anyone w/ tint that dark who has the antenna there.

    nice install though :)
  8. mounted my antenna on the roof center on the back window of my 03 mach. I ran the cord under the rubber window seal, under the passenger side window roof trim, down the front windshield rubber seal and into the car at the fm antenna grommet in the fender. I mounted the ski-fi unit in the glove box, out of the way and hidden.
  9. Mine is going at the front of the windshield. Its getting installed this week. I will let you know how it goes. I really dont want it on the trunk lid. Does anyone have a pic of it on the trunk lid?
  10. I know some people that had dark tint with the antenna inside the car and it worked just fine, and no remote it is easy to reach for the most part, in 5th it blocks it a bit but if you think bout it you use 4th round town which makes it cake to hit the buttons and once in 5th u are usually crusing so it is easy to reach the buttons. Dan
  11. good im glad to hear the tint hasnt affected your friends XM. makes me feel better