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  1. Has anyone installed an XM or other sat. radio tuner in their stang? If so, what location did you use to mount. And what about antenna location. I'm considering putting one in, but not don't want to do any hole drilling on exterior to mount antenna.
  2. I don't have XM in my Stang, but I do in my Crown Vic. The antenna is magnetic, so no worries with hole drilling. I mounted mine on the trunk, in the center, up near the rear window. Then I just ran the lead thru the rear bulkhead and under the carpet. I haven't had any reception problems with the antenna mounted on the trunk.

    For mounting the head unit, I got one of those black project boxes from Radio Shack that have the aluminum lid. I took the lid, bent in basically in half at a 90 degree angle, making an L-shape out of it. Then I mounted the head unit bracket to one side with strong double-sided tape, and mounted the other side to a cubby hole that the CV Sport has in the dash. This gives me a fairly good installation without drilling any holes. You could use some scrap aluminum if you have some, but I didn't, so I bought the box. I have also seen the head unit mounted to the windshield using the bracket that came with the kit, up in the area of the rear view mirror. I don't like that as well, but using the pieces in the kit and some strong double-sided tape, and your imagination, you should be able to come up with a suitable mounting location.


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  3. Yup... got a Roady2 installed in my Mustang.


    I mounted the antenna on the trunk lid and routed the wire through the trunk and passenger compartment. To make it look less obvious I painted the antenna with touch up paint to better match the body color.

  4. i did the same with my XM roady2. it keeps it out of the view of a would be thief!!
  5. I have Sirius. The antenna is on the trunk lid. The controller is mounted above the console with the interior lights and switches. It's handy, though, I do have to look up to see it.
    I don't know why Ford built a totally new vehicle with no provisions for ipods or satellite radio. Makes no sense to me.
  6. Because they're masters at decontenting and all-around cheap bastards.
  7. Thanks for your replies. Guess I'll figure out something suitable.