Roush Xp8??????

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by BLKVERT, Feb 11, 2004.

  1. Does anyone know if they discontinued the production of the Saleen XP8??? And if so why??? :shrug: :shrug: :shrug:
  2. yea they did. 98 i think, mabye 2000. Wasnt a hot seller. Personaly i think they are bad but pretty pricey, even still.
  3. There was one made using a 2001 Explorer. The XP8 was discontinued when Ford changed to a new platform for the 2002 Explorer.

    Lack of sales were the main reason for it not going on in life. Too bad, as I would like to have seen a 4.6 XP8 with the Saleen SC kit on it, and would have ordered one.

    They have come WAY DOWN in price on the secondary market. Buyer beware, as replacement parts are next to impossible to come by.

  4. Thank you sir, was quite interested in getting one for my wife and I, but alas..guess it wouldn't be a good idea afterall.
  5. I have XP8 98-03 and love it. Mine is one of the three prototypes. I drive it everyday and also use it to haul my other saleens to shows. :spot: As for the XP8's, Saleen only made 118 from 98-01, and some were supercharged. Mike is correct, it is very hard/costly to find parts. You can get everything but body parts, even then sometimes you can find some on ebay. I just pray that I will never need any.


    89-240 Conv.
    91 SC-17
    93 SA-11
    98 XP8-03
  6. any pictures? would like to see..or websites to these suv's and such?? would love to see..only seen 1 Saleen explorer..very interesting :D
  7. SC 17, did you recently purchase SA-10 #11?
  8. Caps94ZODG.
    I have some pics of mine and some others I've found on other websites. I could only post two, let me know if you want more.



    Yes, About 8 months ago.

  9. Wow sc 17, can we see some pics of your SA-10#11??