Xpipe Questions

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  1. I am planning on getting an x pipe but being as this is my first GT what types are installation friendly meaning that I dont have to delete anything for it, I know mac makes some with and without cats and I need a little educating on the matter, any help would be great thanks!
  2. Have a look at the pics of the Bassani X-pipe at rpm outlet as this is the best pic I've seen. You can see the X pipe, cats and straight-through pipes all bolt together

    I think the Corsa is also pretty straightforward. I ordered the Corsa as I've ordered the Corsa axle-backs and they promise no drone at www.corsaperf.com but I haven't had it yet.

    I think the whole system is pretty easy to do yourself - just clamps.
  3. LV51FER, post up some video or sound clips of that exhuast when you get it installed if possible, would love to hear that. i know they have some good clips on their site, but i would like to hear some real life clips.
    and matrix, the bassani is definately the best and easiest way to go from what i hear.
  4. Thanks for the info, I think for mufflers Ill go with the Flowmaster american thunder axle back...Ill post clips when I have it all done
  5. Got a UPR xpipe(o/r) and it was a simple and good fit. It is loud, though. UPR is running a 20% sale with email coupon . . .paid 139.00 after discount. Lightning Force Performance has a killer deal on Bassani stuff, too.
  6. if you get the flows with an x pipe, make sure it has high flow cats, or it will sound raspy!!
  7. ABSOLUTELY! Mine is a bit raspy with stock mufflers and an x-pipe
  8. If you are looking for something installation friendly, dont get the short prochamber. I ordered it because it was the cheapest prochamber, and as it turns out, I had to cut the stock h-pipe out after the cats and graft in the prochamber. It sounds badass though!
  9. So I dont want to do any cutting and sure dont want any rasp, is there a bolt on X that I can get that wouldnt fall into either category?
  10. Bassani catted x-pipe is what I almost got, but caved into to the price of the off road x pipe. It'll do what you want. Check with Lightning Force Performance ([email protected]) I got alot of personal feedback from him on stuff and his prices are good. Tell him "Sam" sent ya!
  11. NICE!!! thats exactly how I want my exhaust to be
  12. you dont really get any drone unless u try and accelerate from like 25 in 5th gear, but you shouldnt be doing that anyways! also, when decelerating it makes all kinds of gurgly mustangy sounds. i LOVE the way it sounds, i have even had f-bodies compliment it!
  13. Dude your exhaust sounds real nice! I"m kinda new to this exhaust stuff on cars so what are the compcats that you said you have? is that a highflow cat? also you don't have a o/r x-pipe correct?
  14. You can't have an x-pipe with both compcats and have it be a an O/R pipe at the same time. The O/R part means you eliminated the cats.
  15. OH ok, i got that. So is the stock exhaust a true dual exhaust with two cats?

    Also will the h-pipe u intall replace your x-pipe?

    I"m just trying ot figure out what i can do to add some hp and give me some sound.
  16. order bassani x pipe with comp cats (high flow cats) and flowmaster axle back. then your car will sound like mine.
  17. Yes, it is true dual with 2 cats. And yes, when I put on my h-pipe it will completely replace my stock h-pipe (the GT comes with an h-pipe, not an x-pipe) and eliminate the catalytic converters.