xr4ti irs into a fox???

Discussion in '2.3L (N/A & Turbo) Tech' started by h8my408, Nov 9, 2007.

  1. does anyone know if this swap is feasable? i think it would be pretty cool to have in a mustang!!!
  2. No. The XR4Ti was not related to the Mustang in any way shape or form.
  3. You to get a Cobra IRS....otherwise jsut get your self a torque arm setup for soemthing ALMOST as good for road racing..but better for drag racing..
  4. Not a shot in hell. Not only is it way more narrow but the mounting points are ridiculous if you've ever seen them. A Cobra IRS is almost a bolt-in swap though and it's a LOT stronger.
  5. just thought i'd ask. i am in love with this stupid little car. i'd never part it out after today. i created a manual boost controller. even more ghetto than an actual controller. anyway, i hit 1.4 bar and set off the buzzer. lol. turned it down after that :D
  6. Uhhh...yeah, I wouldn't run 20 psi for too long without an intercooler or any additional fueling.
  7. spiked at 1.6 bar today. immediately let off. car's still fine, but thats what, 23psi? scary... i'll be creating a ball and screw style in about an hour, and i will also be porting an e6 manifold to replace my cracked one. should be better than the rednecked **** i've got right now!