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  1. I have ordered the complete package from Jay, (the xcst2 with the cai) I should get it this week. I'll be installing it myself with a the help of my friend. Any advice from those who have already done this? anything I should know?. I'll have the car dyno before and after I install it and I'll post the dyno results. Thanks in advance for all your inputs. :)
  2. takes about 15 min. nothing u cant do urself, u dont even need your friend.

    take off the heat shield, remove the MAF Sensor(s?), remove the factory air box and replace.

    if u order the tunes, then plug the SCT2 in and upload the tune, if u plan on gettin a tune from the dyno then i advise not to push it or go WOT, your A/F ratio has changed and can damage your engine.

    its easy, dont worry
    good luck hope you pull good #'s
  3. Thank you!!! Mike and Gp for your response. The SCT2 programmer comes with the 3 tunes for the different octane. I'll be using the 93, you think is not a good idea or wasting money to have the car dyno after uploading the program? since the tuner comes already pre-loaded. Can the guys @ the shop by using the dyno tweak the program even further for maximum results? or once you installed the program you can’t modify it?
    Thanks again for your inputs!
  4. no prob.

    the 93 tune is a "canned" tune, it is made to make the engine and computer realize changes have been made and fix them so nothing goes wrong.

    you will get the most power out of the tuner and CAI with the dyno and the guys their tweaking the A/F Ratio just right for you car. you prob. will see more power if done correctly.

    dont know ur budget or how much they are going to charge you.

    seems like ur first mod, my advice... do some more things to your car and then throw it on the dyno, its not needed right now.

    and no, u can modify the tune if you know how through SCT's software or have the dyno guys modify it whenever. then save it on the tuner and re-upload it in the car
  5. Thanks again! Mike

    Yes, this is my first mod since I got the car April last year. I think they 'll charge me around $90.00 to do the Dyno before and after. I'm not planning to do a lot of changes in the car, maybe axle backs and maybe, I'm not sure, change the shifter with the B&M shifter.

    Once I downloaded the program for 93octane it should not through the check engine light on, cause all the changes should be stored in the car's computer, right?

    In reality, I'm trying to save money, so by the end of 2007 if I could I'll try to buy the GT500, hopefully it would be cheaper for the second production. Worst comes to worst I 'll through a Saleen Supercharger in my car and call it quits.
  6. Dyno the car for a baseline then install the mods while the car is cooling back down. The JLT kit should only take 5-10 minutes to install, same with the tuner. Make sure you have the right Torx driver to remove the MAF sensor from the factory airbox assy.
  7. What "catback" system works well with the cai package? Or are they all the same?