Roush Xtreme hood on an 03 cobra?

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by Friedchicken, Apr 21, 2004.

  1. How about this. Who knows someone with an Xtreme hood who can measure the height of the center of the hood where the pulley guard would be on an 03 cobra? I'll measure the distance from the firewall to the pulley for whomever can do this.
  2. it wont fit.. its been measured before.. come on you guys.. bunch of dumbasses
  3. Please, tell us how you really feel :shrug:

    What part was measured, was the pulley cover off, was there a smaller pulley, and how much clearance was needed?
  4. That was a constructive first post. :notnice:
  5. Ok Fried.

    I talked to the man ( Joe at Chicane today ) . He said that the hood will not work with the Cobra front bumper. As far as the clearance with the shield on. He said NO. He has not tried it with the shield off and pulley down.
    For the record he can still get the "E" hood for anyone who would like one.

    Maybe what I saw was not an Extreme hood on that Cobra in Hollywood.

    I used to act like that guy with the blown M5. My M5 was fast but after a $1,700 head gasket and a $8,000 tranny and clutch I decided to sell it. No more BMW headaches any longer.
  6. I really appreciate you following up for me. I am going with the Saleen bumper, so that is not an issue. And I am removing my pulley cover and putting on a 2.93" pulley. I'm going to get that hood and if it don't fit, I'll get my carbon fiber guy to cut out the center and raise the clearance. Thanks again.