Y`all are prolly tired of this question...

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  1. I have a friend that bought a 2008 gt with a superchip tune and CAI with a 5-speed. Sharp car, black with tinted windows and tail light blackouts. Well,he offered a race and I am gonna do it but I think at the track would be best! What should I expect with the mods in my sig in the 1/4?? I know the best way to see is to let em rip:Track: but it`s gonna be a while before I can.
  2. Your car could probably go mid 12s with a good hook and a good driver. But, I'm guessing your 17s have street tires on them? I would expect low 13s. I think you will beat him though assuming you can drive.
  3. Well judging by your sig, you probably make mid-high 12 second power....but whether you can put it down and make the car go 12s is a different story. That also probably applies to the other guy too though. As far as mostly stock S197's go, i haven't been very impressed with them at the track so i'd say you'll get him based on a significant weight advantage as long as you get the jump on him and out drive him.
  4. I can get outta the hole decent for street tires...I am thinking of getting some chrome ponies so I can afford to get some good slicks! I figured I have about 240-250hp. See I won`t take people for rides so they think when I say 240hp it`s weak!
  5. You''ll get smoked, he has tail light blackouts.
  6. LMAO...that`s puts at least 20 extra horses to the tires at least!

  7. It's ok dude don't panic...we can handle this.

    Go to Autozone...get in the zone....buy some APC seat covers, a matching steering wheel cover, some matching pedal covers...get one of those LED light up shifter balls...and last but not least as many stickers as they sell...get 2 of everything. If you don't peal the paint off the side of his car when you blow by him, just get a nice 3 foot tall wing and you'll pwn everything on the street.
  8. You know they sell shift knobs now that tell you what gear you're in? This could be the greatest thing since sliced bread. I know when I'm cruising at 80 on the highway I always forget if I'm in 5th 3rd or 1st.
  9. Thinkin of ditching my 331 plans and just going straight to a fart pipe and 747 wing...maybe even some chinese graphics! HaHa
  10. Dude don't forget to flip the 747 wing upside-down, saw a guy forget once... what a n00b.
  11. Yeah but it wont be complete without the Tanaka or Sansui 5-point racing harness and some carbon fiber canards on the nose. Oh yeah, paint your wheels gold or red. I forget which is faster..... so do bothe! :nice: