1. Hey guys,i looked for the walker y pipe to have dual exhaust. I cant find any pics of it, i wanna make sure its the right one. Anybody have any links???
  2. Go to rockauto.com and look up the exhaust system for an '86 SVO, they'll have it there (possibly with a pic)

    Personally I'd recommend getting a universal Y-pipe, if you're doing a custom exhaust anway. The SVO Y is kinda weird shaped, I know I ran into problems with t on my mustang.
  3. i just wanna bolt polished lx tailpipes with stock 5.O mufflers on my notch, what kinda problems did you run into with it?
  4. Well the SVO Y-pipe does not just "bolt up" to the stock 2.3L cat pipe, that's the main thing. The curve on the y-pipe is different or something.

    At any rate I had to take it to a muffler shop and they ended up cutting the ends and welding on new ones to make everything fit, I couldn't get it to work right myself (of course, that was quite a few years ago when I didn't know quite as much as I do now)
  5. thanks for the info Garret,i still couldnt find it on rockauto.com:mad:
  6. Finally found it after some searching...(lots of places listed it but nobody had a picture)


    Apparently, the '85-86 GT used the same Y-pipe.

    FYI to find it on Rock Auto, go to Ford -> 1986 -> Mustang SVO -> Exhaust -> Pipe.
  7. Oh and here's the one for a Turbo Coupe, but I dunno if it'd fit any better or at all.

  8. Awesome thanks Garret,should make this a sticky:D