y r replica rims so much cheaper?

Discussion in 'Mustang Sound & Shine All' started by laser2kgt, May 3, 2004.

  1. off of ebay ive been searchin for some rims and i have noticed that "replics" r waay cheaper. y is this? r they cheaper quality or wut? they look exactly the same. do u all suggest me getting replicas or "real" rims.
  2. The replicas aren't as good quality (the finish flakes easier and they are heavier usually) as the name-brands. They also don't look exactly like the ones they are supposed to be copying. I suggest that you spend the extra couple bucks and get the name-brand rims.
  3. yur payin for jsut the rim, and not the name. also, they dont have to have art designers create a rim, they just have to copy one. some rims are very overpriced, so replicas are usually a good alternative. jsut make sure to talk to customers of the manufacturer so u know if they are skit or not
  4. Gotta love ebay. I know tons of people that have been getting rims off of there and so far the quality has been excellent. The only descripancy has been the center caps, they have either been kinda cheezy or not looked lke the ones in the picture. But when you save $500 or more off a 10.5 rear set you can over look it.
  5. Hummmm I can't answer this question. I got my Ford Racing Y2K R's in chrome cheaper than most replicas. And yes they were brand new and no I didn't get them on ebay.
  6. theivery doesnt count
  7. No...the thing is when most people want wheels they just go order them. I shopped around for the absolute best price I could possibly find. I found replicas for $1400+. Got mine for $1120.