Y2K Cobra R hood latch adjustment????

Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by ryan7662, Sep 10, 2010.

  1. Hello everybody, I bought a 2000 cobra r style hood from abc hoods and it came with some vauge instructons that said something about drilling out to rivets and moving the latch up because the fiberglass hood is thicker than the stock hood. Does anybody know what their talking about and could maybe explain it better to a [email protected] like me:drool: It bolted up with no problems and is aligned and everything I just have to slam it to get it too latch and I highly doubt that's a good thing. Any help would be greatly appreciated:hail2:
  2. The latch area on the hood is thicker, and therefore the hook needs to reach up higher. You need to move the latch on the core support up a little bit. There are two 8mm bolts on the latch you loosen, and then adjust the latch mechanism up. You really need to run hood pins with this hood.

  3. Just went and did what you said Kurt and now it latches like the stock hood did. Why would it still need hood pins? Is the hood prone to flying off even when it's latched? If so I'll throw some pins on. I've opened up the vents on the heat extractor and made it fuctional too. Thanks for the help Kurt.
  4. Yeah, the latch area is usually just a small piece of metal riveted into the fiberglass. The fiberglass is weak, and if it cracks your hood will fly up. It's about a $2500 repair job granted you don't hit anything else while you're staring at hood. It's a really good idea to have hood pins to keep this from happening. There are a couple threads on here with pictures of different ideas for installing them. I think Adam has one up, and Davis3.

  5. Yeah that definitely doesn't sound like something I'd like to experience so I'll do what you said and play it safe. I originally wanted to avoid hood pins because my step brother said their ugly but I don't think so. I'll go take a look at those threads thanks for the help again Kurt.