Y2K CobraR hood and GT bumper?

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  1. im trying to find a picture of this setup. i really dislike the fake hoodscop on the GT hood and i like the cobraR hood since i can make it functional... but i dont want to get a hood that will look dumb with a stock front bumper.... id really like to find a 1-1/2 inch cowl for my 04GT but i cant find one... all ive found is 2-1/2 and up.
  2. One problem with the stock front bumper is it looks too small when paired with an aggressive looking hood like a Cobra R. I'd get a beefier looking front bumper for that hood.
  3. thats what i was thinking... it would look top heavy... so i think if i get a hood im going back to the 95 cobra R style... i just dont want to have a 5" cowl.
  4. H.O. makes a 2.25" cowl hood. :nice:

    If you got a 5" cowl, IMO, you better have the power to back it up.
  5. Not a stock GT bumper....I saw one with a stock clip and it didn't look too bad. Just think, you can always get a bumper later :)

  6. If you get a chin spoiler to go on the stock front bumper, it's will help equal it out and you wouldn't have to worry about getting a different front bumper. Looks pretty good IMO.
  7. Had you considered the Saleen or a Cobra heat extractor hood?


    select the 2004 Mustang, click on the front view, then pick the hood to see what it would look like.
  8. i was looking at the 03-04 cobra hood then realized that it doesnt come down as far as the GT/v6 hoods so there is a gap...

    the saleen hood looks good but i think the vents are too far up the hood... mrbodykit.com has one called the "monster hood" that i thought was kinda nice but thye want 750+190 shipping for it in carbon fiber.

    i like the cowl hoods but as i said i dont want a 5" cowl hood because its just a bolt on GT, not a promod car...

    oh and i do have a Mach1 Chin Spoiler as well as the Mach1 Grill. id go out and take pictures but my camera decided that it didnt like me anymore and the lcd display's ribbon cable broke in half on me :(