Y2K Hood or Termi Hood?

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  1. So i have recently swiched to the Termi Front bumper and i know what that you have to swich to the Termi hood. My question is does the Y2K hood have the same fitting issues as the other hoods or does it fit like the Termi hood. I've seen some pics i just wonder if anyone has info or has done it. Thanks.
  2. Termi hood or the 95cobra R hood IMO, but im not certain on the fitting, sorry
  3. 95 cobra R, i not a big fan of the 2yk hood, i just order my cobra R hood from ABC, should have been here today :fuss:
  4. I have the 2000 Cobra R hood and it did not play nice with the bumper at all. I have an 03-04 Cobra bumper and it hit the top of the bumper "arms", where the bumper screws in, in multiple places. At first it wouldn't close, so I shaved down some of the bumper and eventually had to slightly raise the hood latch.

    I'm not sure if this helps though, as I don't have the termi-bumper.

    Here are some older pics after I had the hood painted:


  5. Or you could always pay your friend back before you start buyin a new hood.:shrug:
  6. My buddy Cam has an 03 cobra with a y2k hood and it does the same thing.
  7. On my car (03 bumper, 00R hood), the upper mounting holes for the bumper that mount to the frame near the radiator mounts needed to be slightly re-drilled. Other than that, it does not touch/contact the hood at all.