Y303 drag tested...results within.

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  1. Previous best ET was 14.97s. My 2004 average times were 15.0x and average speed was in the 89-90mph area all last year. Results with just the addition of Y303 heads, FRPP wires, Accel cap and rotor, and AL3924s:

    ----->1st run----2nd run----3rd run----4th run

    The ???? above was were there was no data on the slip. Don't know why for sure.
    I ran with 275/40R17 BFG DRs @ 18psi. I think with some more practice on the DRs I could knock off a couple tenths. The weather was around 70* and humid and the track was in pretty good shape. When you correct for the 2700' elevation the best 1/4 Et is 14.15s @ 97.35mph :D

    Overall I am very happy with the heads :banana:
  2. Its great when all your hard work and money spent show results on the track or dyno like yours did.

    I can see how you would be satisfied.

    Good Job!

  3. Get that psi down in those dr's. I had those exact ones you have 2 years ago on some 17x9 chrome 03 Cobra wheels when I was bone stock and was pulling high 1.7's and 1.8's 60ft all day. Try 14-15psi in them. And slip the clutch on the launch...dont just drop the clutch. :nice:
  4. I agree with stangfreak, drop the pressure down lower than 18 and heat them a little, I use the dump the clutch off the line and would get high 1.7 60's on motor and 1.6's on the spray. Get some more track time and those 60's will drop for sure.
  5. Thanks for the replies. Yeah, the last two runs I was trying to slip the clutch a little and thus had better results. I will lower the psi on my next outting and see what happens.
  6. you desperately need an intake!!! sounds like that is your bottleneck right there!!bet you would break into 13s right there!!
  7. agree
  8. Yeah the stock intake is killer get one ASAP and your car will be soo much faster.
  9. No thumbs up this time? :D lol

    Good times man, but get those 60's down! And that's on D/R's! :eek: An intake should help very nicely.
  10. Yeah, an intake is planned. I was really hoping for a BBK version for the 94-95 models. The first article I read in 5.0&SF mag on the BBK intake said that there would be a version made for our stang. Guess that isn't going to happen though.

    I just couldn't pass up the deal I got. I'm glad I didn't wait on them 'cause I've noticed that the price is starting to go back up on these heads.

    Also, I've never seen anyone else just do heads and leave everything else "stock". So, now we all know what the Y303 heads can do on a stock engine. I dropped 0.35 seconds in the 1/4 with a similar 60' time of 2.0xx. To me this was well worth the time and money. Not to mention that I can run 16* timing without "knocking".
  11. Good job....
  12. i have almost all the same mods that you have except 4:10 gears and a trick flow intake and on street tires all day i can run 13.50 with a 2.0 sixty foot and i have ran it on a nitto drag radial and i went 13.19 with a 1.8 sixty foot missing 4th gear. so i am hoping for a 12 sec pass, But a intake will help you out alot good luck
  13. According to your garage you got a few extra mods other than intake compared to mine. I am still running stock H-pipe, catback, injectors, maf, and cam so cut me some slack for the corrected 14.1s ET.

    I am planning on doing some suspension and chassis parts next. Mine is all 11-12 years old and needs to be updated/replaced.