ya i got a new job

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  1. well back in the end of OCT I got laid off from the mercedes dealer from some dumb [email protected]#$ reason. Sat on my duff for the last month pondering what the next career move would be. A friend of mine told me about a apprentice locksmith his work was hiring for AKA: shop [email protected]#h. which is fine i figure a good career to move into. Well I went to the shop this AM it was the single most laid back place i've ever applied for. I didnt even fill out a damn aplication. The guy asked me where I lived, told him, seems he lives a block away from my house. He also asked me what I did before this. I mentioned I worked for the parts dept, for MBZ, and the local city government as a computer tech. He seemed stoked about it. A little in house tech support for his computer illiterate office manager would be a good thing. I went to leave to go home and never even talked about pay or beni's. All he said was to come in on friday and we'll talk.. any thoughts on thins?
  2. if the pay is good, take what you can get. I just recently got a new job too. The hours suck, but the pay is good and it will be eaiser to move to a new Station now.. I went from a part time night master control Operator to the Morning News director. No job is perfect though. What do You Want to do as a career?