Yall Think I'd Be Disappointed W/ Gt40 Heads On The 95?

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  1. I was referring more to the suspension mods, upgrades to the chassis, drivetrain, considerable weight removal, etc. A lot of thought and major sacrifices were made in the name of straight line acceleration.

    I think a lot of guys get wind of these "I ran XX.XX with GT40's" threads and assume it an easy task to accomplish. Just trying to clarify to the guy that simply "bolting on a set of GT40's" isn't going to have him running down John Force.
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  2. yea my car def isnt a run of the mill slap on a set of GT40's and go fast. over the winter i went from a 3.73 with a posi to a 4.10 with a spool, 19lb to 24lb injectors, 28" radial to a 26" slick, ported SN95 MAF to a C&L meter, shorties to long tubes. just to find a bit more out of it. got a few more tricks to try but not sure whats going to work and whats not.

    once i reach the 11 second goal i'll spray the balls off that **** and try to go 10's
  3. A buddy of mine has a '95 that ran decent with gt40 Ps but it was nothing that would satisfy long term. He had P heads, trick flow cam and trick flow intake with 4.10s and drag radials. The gears and DRs helped make it a quick around town car, but it still only ran 13.1 @ 106. Not bad for being a cheaper setup, but it doesn't satisfy for long. Which is why he now has a turbo and traps 127 :)
  4. I'm sure you'll get there. And thanks to all of the chassis, suspension and driveline mods you've also done you should be able to chase 10's with confidence that it'll hold up along the way.

    That's actually a pretty respectable time for those mods.

    I'm actually afraid to bolt a set of drag radials to my Fox right now, for fear of breaking something. lol

    It's got some decent chassis stiffening, torque box's welded up and a good set of upper and lower control arms to keep it straight, but it's still a 24-year-old car, with weak 28-spline axles and prone to scattering T5 trans.

    I can't imagine it would take many 4,000RPM launches before something gives. And that's just on motor. I've still got the ZEX Nitrous kit sitting in my living room I have yet to hook up to contend with as well. :crazy:
  5. I wouldnt be worried about DRs. Slicks, yes.
  6. throw an on3 kit on it and enjoy 500 hp
  7. ...and all the headaches that go with owning an on3 kit to boot. :D

  8. no problems here
  9. Give it time. Turbo cars are never without their problems....especially ones sporting kits with a questionable reputation. ;)
  10. If money is a problem pull off your stock heads and port and shave them to bump up your compression. You can gain more than 20HP just doing that. Porting isn't as hard as you might think. I did my first port job on a set of E7's and was told by an engine shop they looked really nice. I didn't know what I was doing - I just knew I didn't have the cash to do anything else LOL. I basically just smoothed everything out including the bowls and short turn radius. Then I polished the heck out of the exhaust side. I also machined .035" off the heads at work on an old Bridgeport. I was hitting low 13's on bald a## Dunlops. Even if you paid to have this work done it would be cheaper than buying the GT40's that I would guess aren't going to give you as much HP as ported/polished and shaved E7's.

    Just a thought.