Y'all's Stangs Have Names?

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  1. Do y'all name your toys? This is Betty White. She's old and sometimes runs funny. image.jpg This is nitehawk named for the TV dinner. Not the best but enough to fill a hunger. image.jpg
  2. Mine is nameless
  3. looks like Betty White....saggy arse and all! :D
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  4. I call this one the Blue Mustang

    And this one was the "Green mustang" (It was really reef blue but it didn't look good and I called it green)

    But now, even though it is still in pieces, I call it the Red Mustang.
  5. U got it
  6. This is "the Pup". It may seem kinda odd calling the old girl a pup, but she can still get kinda frisky and excitable when I let her out. As they say: Young at heart!

  7. A horse with no name? You don't live in the desert by any chance?
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  8. 100_0584.jpg

    The tealtiger. Yea, it's oneword. See what I did there?
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  9. My 08 Bullitt is called the Bullitt, the 89 Saleen is called the Saleen and the 01' V-6 Mustang is called the Mustang.
  10. I call 'em as they are.
    My red truck is "red truck", brown truck is "brown truck", Bronco is well you guys probably see where this is going.
  11. Stang front pic.jpg
    Wife named it Bucky when we got it new in 1989.
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  12. Ha! Zing!
  13. I see what you did there haha
  14. Mine is Casper. Because yep its white andy iphone 014.JPG
  15. Mine would be NerdStang or just plain "Ugly"
    stang shop.jpg
  16. 3-5-13 R1 016.jpg

    ^^ Granted it's way worse looking now....

  17. DynoDayHudson12_zps39296c80.jpg

    The Mouse.
  18. Stang or my bit"see"h!
  19. I call it My Mustang!!

  20. image.jpg I just call it "The Stang"