Y'all's Stangs Have Names?

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  1. Vacuum, because i'm still unsure whether it sucks or blows...


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  3. I love Sanford and Son, so mine is Redd Foxx lol
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  4. "Tracks" from the Autobots, he was a blue '82 Vett, he's normally hanging with "Sludge" and Dinobots on the weekends :spit:

  5. I gave mine a name when my brother pushed it over my foot :fuss: F B ...that doesn't stand for fast back o_O
  6. Shes called "Blue Hatch"


  7. Molly ... She's red and a bit of a b*tch

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    i call it "Chester" like "Chester Cheeto"
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  9. I really like orange Mustangs, I wimped out and painted it the original color black.
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  10. Good solid response...
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  11. You really do have a damn good looking car :nice:
  12. Mine is "Sonic Cherry" (or just 'the cherry'), as created by someone here on SN many years ago. It also has some other names from time to time when it acts up on me.
  13. My girl calls it the red panther.... Me i call it the coupe, notch..... on bad days when its pmsing i call it pale or my s h i t pale