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  1. alright got all 1500 saved up to buy a 2.3 turbo engine from the parts store, the engine comes with a 3 year warranty (just going to call and check what other components come with it)

    i'm still trying to ask around to anyone that knows about 2.3 engine because I really wanted to just build a 160-170 hp 2.3 engine without installing the turbo. so far no luck though. i'm going to take my car to the dyno and get it tested before I do any major work on it to see where it stands, so far it has a timing gear and headers i'm not sure what else was installed on the car when i purchased it. i had a hard time getting it inspected because it has ZERO emissions equipment on it.

    the turbo install looks really complicated too, some say my stock 2.3 5 speed will do fine, but others dont which is really confusing. anyways if anyone knows how to build a decent n/a motor let me know! my goals for the 2.3 would be 0-60 in around 7 secs.

    explain cams please! i have somewhat of an understanding of them, but according to some they could increase hp by about 20 if i buy the right one. true false?
  2. First off, if you want to buy a 2.3 Turbo engine from a parts store, make ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN that it has forged pistons. I don't know of any parts-store 2.3 Turbo long blocks that actually come with forged pistons, they're all hypereutectics (which suck in boosted applications).

    Second, forget the idea of building an n/a motor. You MIGHT be able to get 120 hp with it without throwing too much money at it, but for 160-170 hp, you would have big bucks in it and it would be barely streetable (and probably wouldn't be doable with the stock fuel injection setup).

    Third, if there is a claim that a cam will give you 20 hp, that is on a V8. You could get 20 hp on a built 2.3 Turbo if you swapped from a stock cam to a bigger aftermarket one, possibly.
  3. thank u. thats exactly what i thought, i might now know much about high performance parts, but all these claims i've been hearing just dont add up to me. i guess just like anything you can get scammed in the auto world too.

    just replaced clutch cable yaya!
  4. Hi,

    Theres a guy on the MustangForums.com in the 2.3 section, Sleeper Inc who has changed his N/A to a 2.3 T. Hes very knowledgeable on these motors and id direct any questions to him. Also, the Turbo Ford forums might be helpful to you as well.

    Hope that helps.