YAY for tax return...

Discussion in '2005 - 2014 S-197 Mustang -General/Talk-' started by hillie16, Mar 14, 2012.

  1. Ordered my CAI and Tuner from AM today, along with a Meter4it chase kit....let the modding begin...FINALLY!!!
  2. :nice: The CAI and tuner combo is going to put a smile on your face
  3. Good luck with the installs!
  4. I've always been a pushrod guy, so I've been hesitant to start but the tax return came in and I couldn't wait anymore. Just about anything I'm going to want to do to the car requires a tune, and free tunes for life from Bama just seals the deal.
  5. Exactly these newer cars require a tune for EVERYTHING haha. They do respond well to mods though
  6. Steeda billet pedals on the way too, LOL I keep ending up getting the same stuff I had on my '95 that I really liked. Wheels and tires are next, later in the summer. The rest of the tax return is going toward my trip to police week in DC.

    When I get the wheels and tires, I'm going up to 18's from 17's. I know parameters need to be changed in the tune for the odometer/speedometer etc. can I do those myself with the tuner or do I need to get the tune changed by Bama?
  7. there are SOOO many better things you can do to the car before wheels and tires. for the money, shifter and cams would be SWEET.
  8. I already did the shifter, went with MGW, and I'm probably gonna wait a while for cams.