Yay, I got into an accident!

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  1. I heart people!

    Long story short, lady slammed into the front passenger corner of muh stang. Only about 10mph, so the only damage is the fender, bumper and headlight. But I had to pry the fender off the tire.

    Wait, it gets better. From what I could understand (of course she doesn't speak english), she doesn't have any insurance, and I only have liability. When I call the cops and my insurance company, the take off. Now it's a hit and run. But I got the plates. I hit the police station, fill out a report (they get the info from the plate #), and I guess I should hear something from a hit-and-run detective sometime soon.

    In the meantime, I have a banged up mustang, and only my pocket to pay for the repairs. I can replace the body parts, but I have to get them first. Aside from ebay, any ideas on where I can get a pass. side fender? Also, I could use some legal advice, as I'm usually pretty good about avoiding idiots and their two ton weapons, though not today...

    Much thanks for anyone's help in this matter. We have the technology; we can rebuild her!
  2. In new mexico everyone is required to have liability insurance. Thank God.

    Still are those people that slip under the radar though. Sorry to hear about your wreck
  3. sorry to hear about that. I hope everything works out
  4. id like to rant and rave for hours about the problems with illegal immigants but then youd know im a raceist.
  5. I didn't think compaining about illegal immigrants or even some criminal 'legal' immigrants would be considered racist. :shrug:
  6. that sucks, you will probly have to go to the dealership to get the parts since the new mustangs are so well "new" at least she didnt hit you at 20.....ive been hit by an uninsured motorist, i know what it feels like....hard on your wallet
  7. Noxious, how did you handle the whole situation? Did you get any compensation?

    I'm looking at parts and prices. OEM Fender is listed at about $100, but that sounds a little low. I'll probably grab a Cervini front bumper, if I'm paying for all this on my own. Only about $75 over OEM.
  8. In the first place, why don't you have Full COVERAGE!!!????

  9. my, you're helpful...

  10. Although not helpful, it's a good point. We're talking about a brand new mustang here... once it get's fixed, get full coverage. It's worth it - I know (I had a truck that got stolen and was totaled, had full covg and the insurance paid the replacement value.

  11. I understand it's a wise investment. I apologize for being an ass. I was laid off immediately after getting the stang, so money was tough. Hell, I'm still paying off an oustanding rent balance. I'll certainly be getting full coverage once she's fixed back up, and worry about the finances as they come.

    But for right now, I'm trying to make the best decisions on this particular situation that I can.
  12. Maybe you dont have full coverage, but you dont have insurance on your policy for uninsured motorists? Most people should at least get this so your car is fixed no matter what as long as you were not at fault... Make sure this isnt so, but I am guessing you already went 5 rounds with your insurance company...

    In any case, that sucks.. Good luck getting it fixed, live and learn...
  13. Question #2: You were in a Mustang and you let her get away?

    I got hit by a chick running a red light. The kicker was I was in a 420+ hp 1965 Nova SS. She never even hit the brakes after spinning me around in the intersection. I chased her down with my bumper dragging!
  14. Haha, well catching them wouldn't have been a problem. But I had the plates, so I figured as long as they weren't stolen, it'd be enough. And I didn't want to bang her up any more than she was, traffic was a mess (hence the crash).

    But I'm in the middle of round 2 with my insurance company (Geico). They said an agent would call me yesterday, and no one did. This is gonna be fun, I can feel it...
  15. I have a front bumper ican sell you. Pm me for details. - Roger
  16. Appreciate it, but I'll be going with an aftermarket bumper.
  17. Check your local junk yards, believe it or not there are already some new stangs around to be parted out. You might find one with rear or driver side damage.
  18. Thanks, I'll have to check it out.

    I came across this site: http://www.newfordparts.com/catalog.htm

    If I can't find a junked mustang in the area, I'll order from here. But if anyone's got the patience to work through the options on there, I've got a question. Is the exterior RH fender body panel really just over $100, or am I looking at the wrong part?

    Thanks to anyone that can clear that up for me.
  19. Oops, got another question. Would this impact have jacked up my alignment? I've noticed I'm getting poorer MPG; I'm not sure if this is from the impact, or if I'm just driving a little differently now. The strut tower wasn't affected, but the bumper/fender did hit the wheel, and the lining hits the tire on mid+ bumps.