yay! I got my xr7!

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  1. Going to pick it up next week I think, Black 85.5 XR7 with leather and a 5 speed :)
    This week is starting good like last week!
    Happy holidays to all!!!
  2. :nice: festering with jealousy :bang:

  3. I will take some as soon as I get it home.
    I have next week off so I hope to do it then, it is currently about 125 miles from my house.

    And it is a save!
    A freind at works stepmother has it (his old highschool car) and it was going to be sold to a guy for a late model mini demo car :nonono:
  4. I dont know too much about the XR7s can you tell me more about them?
  5. Thats pretty sweet man. I just picked up my '85 XR7 on Saturday. The previous owner completly abused the car and had a couple accidents with it. Are there any websites about these cars? I see plenty about SVO's, TC's and XR4TI's but nothing about the XR7 specifically.
  6. Picture a turbocoupe with Mercury cougar badging and styling.

  7. My '86 XR7 was crushed in Oct. It was white. I'm still pissed about it. If I ever see that guy, I'll kill him for sure..........

    Thanks for bringing it all back to me just when I thought I was over it.