YAY!!! More hp for me!!

Discussion in '1974 - 1978 Mustang II Talk & Tech' started by Eos, Jul 5, 2004.

  1. MY CAM IS IN!!!! For those of you who have kept up with the story.. I got the crane cam, "130052" 272 adv.duration 484 lift. I haven't got to really play around in it yet, but just from driving it around theres a MAJOR difference. :D I did a desktop dyno for it, and it should be making around 200 to the wheels now, as opposed to 140. I figure it's a pretty accurate because I did a desktop dyno with the old cam specs and it came out close to my actual dyno numbers. So I'm sure I'll get it dyno'd asap and let you guys know. :nice:
  2. Oh yeah, my old cam was about .380 lift
  3. Yippeeee! It's always sweet the first time... Starting a new engine/cam...that is ;)
  4. "sings feels like the first time by foreigner" I know some of you old guys should know that song! lol
  5. Hey no fair with the old cracks :D (now I'm gonna have that song stuck in my head for the next few hours)

    Nothing like the old trusty Seat-o-the-Pants Dyno :nice:
  6. Hell I was cruising to that song last night, singing to it at the top of my lungs.. lol
  7. With no other mods or tuning, the cam swap will likely gain no more than 20-30 hp at the wheels.
  8. I'm assuming from your 140 base hp that your 302 is currently the stock 2bbl setup?
  9. No its a 4 barrel 600 edelbrock, and I got an earlier timing chain on it now with the non retarded timing.

  10. yeah "She's cold as ICE " you know! ! ! :rlaugh:

    ps I told you you wouldn't be disappointed with that cam thats what I'm running but my biggest improvement was the 3.40 gear and trac-loc.
    Get you some hedders and better heads and hold on..

    Give me something to compare what are your 0-60 times mine is just over 6 seconds and that still spinning my expediton was almost tripple that.
  11. Do they make gears and trac-loc for the MII rearend, or what do I look for as far as that goes?

  12. I got my trac-loc from Ebay and had the guy build the 3.40 which he told me came out of a pinto station wagon. He built it and I dropped mine and bolted his in ---piece of cake no mods...

    Its just standard 8" stuff the pumpkins are interchangeable as long as its 8" nothing II related about it at all

    the Trac-loc is the whole differential then a standard 8" ring and pinnion bolts to it available in just about any ratio you want.

    anymore ?? give me a holler

    ps whats your 0-60 time?
  13. I'm not sure about my 0-60 time but precam my car ran the best of a 16.7. I'm hoping to have it in the 15's now. But the 13 inch tires are **** for drag racing.