Yay or Nay - $1500 / Used 03 GT Engine / 85,000 Miles?

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  1. I change my mind WAY too much...but since I'm starting to have some problems with my motor, I was going to look into buying a new motor to drop into my car. I came across an '03 GT engine that "runs great," they say, with approx. 85,000 miles selling for $1,500.

    I am going to see if I can talk them down a LITTLE since it's a salvage yard, but is $1,500 a good price for this engine IYO? I am going to look at it on Monday to see how good of condition it is in.

    Right now, it's between an engine or full suspension rebuild: springs, struts/shocks, LCAs, UCAs, quad shocks, SFCs and whatever else I run into in the process.

    THANKS :SNSign:
  2. Suspension. Unless your current engine is about to die. In that case get the engine. I'd do the springs, shocks, and control arms.
  3. theres a guy selling a cobra motor on LSS for about that price. I wouldnt spend any money putting another 2V in my car if i did a motor swap.
  4. Maybe offer them a grand. Then walk away if they say no. 85k is a fair amount and can they prove it? How many miles on your motor? All you need is the PI heads/cams really...
  5. My guess is that there is approximately 220,000 miles on my engine. It seems to only be going downhill.

    I'll check out the sales forum on LSS. Thanks!
  6. they are asking about double what it is worth. i'm hoping to get $700 for my shortblock with 30k on it
  7. Looks like you just found a buyer...:nice:
  8. Actually you havent dumped too much cash into mods. You could sell your car and buy a used 99 for pretty damn cheap if you wanted to go that way.:shrug:
  9. mine wont be out till the summer. i just got my new block this week. i have the cobra crank and the manley billet i beam rods. all thats left is the pistons, rings, cams and bearings.
  10. buy a 02-05 explorer v8. same motor, all aluminum, same or less money easily with lower miles
  11. I'd be lucky to get $3,500 for the car...

    The guy who sold it to me bought it with 179,000 miles on the odometer. When I bought it, the odometer only said 76,000. It currently has 111,000 on the odometer, and I'm guessing there's roughly 216,000 to 220,000 actual miles on the car.

    It currently has a Not Actual Milage title, which makes it near worthless.

    IMHO, it wouldn't be worth my time or money to sell the car. :)
  12. How did you get duped into buying a high mileage Mustang like that?
    Did you do a Carfax to check the "actual" mileage of the car before you bought it?
    Did you sue the guy who sold you the car? If so, how mych money did you get out of the court settlement?
  13. This is topless, and here are my answers for your questions:

    The odometer showed 76,000 miles.
    The CarFax report showed 149,000, but my dad had a mistake happen on his car where it showed more mileage that it actually had (they accidentally pressed a 1 in front of the milage).
    We sued him for $4,600, which was what a rental car would have cost for 181 days. This is how long I was out of a car due to registration.

    He has a 10-year judgment against his credit. We will renew when that one is up, so he probably won't be able to buy anything large on credit (house, car, etc) for the rest of his life until he pays up.
  14. If your car has really done that many miles, I'd sell it and get a newer one. Youll end up spending a ton maintaining yours. You wont get much for your car, but I bet you could buy a 99 for 8k ish.
  15. Dude... That is teh most disgusting thing I have ever seen in my life. I don’t know why cause I have seen some pretty ****ed up ****, but for some reason it takes the cake. It actually makes me kinda sick.
  16. I don't want a 99. If I owned another Mustang, it'd be a 98 GT Convertible, same color scheme as mine right now, an 03/04 Cobra, 01 Bullitt, or any late model Mach 1. That's it :shrug:

    P.S. I've never seen a white 98 GT Convertible with a black top and black leather interior in person. So...I feel that my Mustang, in a way, is very unique to me. Now to think of it, I'd own a 98 GT Triple Black ;)
  17. The engine was trash. It was all rusty and stuff. They've had it for about a year...it's sitting out in the back covered with half of an oil can. The 98, however, the one that sicK96GT is getting...is pretty sweet. Looks really good, the car was wrecked from the rear. The only salvagable parts really are just the engine, the engine accessories, and the radio.

    So I guess it's time to rebuild my suspension :) Hehe.