Yay or Nay?

Discussion in '2.3L (N/A & Turbo) Tech' started by 88LX, Jun 13, 2004.

  1. im thinking of buying an 88 notch as a daily driver. i own a 2.3 tempo but i want to know if there are any notorious problems with the mustang. ill be driving it everyday so are they typically reliable? thanks
  2. Typically, 2.3 Mustangs are very reliable. The 2.3 Ford is a great motor for reliability. Not really a powerhouse in naturally aspirated form, but it'll go forever. Plus, if you ever want to make modifications to it, you have a bunch of guys here who know what they're talking about to help you though it. My recommendation is go for it.
  3. I agree, dump the tempo and go with the stang!
  4. is the 88 notch a 5 speed? if so, go for it. If its an auto...the motor will last, the trans ( a4ld) will not.
  5. :stupid: :D
  6. Another fine point about the 2.3 mustang is that they are quite easy to find replacement parts for...
  7. It will deffinately be more reliable than the tempo, (not to mention more fun!). Like they said, try to get a 5-speed, the A4LD is a little sketchy when it comes to reliability.
  8. I built an 88 coupe 2.3 turbo for my girlfriend and its been one of the most fun cars ever. In non-turbo form it was one of the greatest driving teachers one could hope for. it was really slow but after driving it as hard as it would go N/A, driving it turboed was second by then.
    Her coupe is loaded with all power acc. and drives well.

    Here's the best part: I bought it at a car auction that I frequent for $75 running and all I had to do was get it inspected. :nice:
  9. yeah im not sure what to do. he was asking 950 i offered him 600 and he said no. the trans was a little strange and the tires need to be replaced and it was a little sloppy on the front end. probably needs shocks. the body was solid, not great but solid. well see.
  10. what was strange about the transmission?
    Was it the suspension that was loose or the steering?
  11. the trans seemed to linger between gears, could be my imagination or not used to the car. yes the steering was "loose"