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  1. Yay...Just Do It

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  2. Nay...Looks like Ass

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  1. Well since I am most likely going to be getting a suspension kit I was wondering what you think of me doing my stock Tri-Bars like this. This is just for now since I don't have money for new wheels. This is a quick photoshop and also my car will be lowered a little over an inch too.


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  2. Glossy yes

    Flat black - god no
  3. In agreement gloss black, no flat black.
  4. X3
  5. Sorry, not feeling it. But who am I to talk. I still have waffles, haha.
  6. Wouldn't be my first choice, but with limited cash and only for the time being I think it could look pretty good. As the others said though...DEFINITELY in gloss black. I think the flat black in the picture doesn't do it justice.
  7. I would do it in a gloss black...it was just kind of hard to get the picture glossy do to the wheel stock not being glossy.

    Do you guys recommend any types of paint I should use... I want to use a gloss black and maybe go over it in a clearcoat or something like that
  8. It will work............X4
  9. im not for black wheels at all..... i like the stock tri-bars the way they are....now thats sexy!!!!!!
  10. Hmm looks familiar lol. I like them more than mine but i would definately go with gloss black and clear. I like how urs go all the way to the lip. I knew I shoulda done that. Hope they turn out well for you it'll look nice im sure
  11. do it cobra r style with silver center caps
  12. i'd gloss the spokes and cap black, paint the pony silver, and polish the outer lip.
  13. Take a look at the 93 cobra R for reference i was goign to do this to my tri bars as well

  14. xV

  15. i think that would look pretty good

    (i'm lucky that mine came with the 99+ gt wheels):nice:
  16. x6
  17. No black x 100. Better repainting them original unless you want to be knight rider. Y uasked, just my-o. Good luck either way!
  18. i say just drop it and leave the tribars alone.