Yay suspension is done!

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  1. Finally I finished the install on mine. I had the rear squared away for a couple of months now but with the front installed all I can say is wow! The ride is great and the car just hangs + ditching the panhard setup for the watts link made this thing really come alive. One of my 240sx drifter friends got to drive the car after the install and was amazed at how easy it is to throw the car sideways into a turn.

    Auto-X season is going to be a lot of fun this year.

    that is all
  2. Are there really no pictures !?

  3. Well the side of town I was working in is not exactly top notch, and I was too busy cranking on the spring compressors and yelling at all the fools who stepped in front of the dangerous side of the equation to go Ansel Adams on the project. Pretty much everything looks Stage 2 except for the Watts link part. I'll try and get pictures up in the future.

    It was a learning experience to say the least. I learned I don't like doing spring/shock installs. Coilovers are much better. :)
  4. Where's the smiley face that says "this thread is worthless without pics!"???
  5. :worthlesb
  6. Hey Walter, I would be curious, how fast you can now run the slalom? The watts link is on my list of mods, but it is at the very bottom, so I may never get to it. But I like the idea, for no other reason than it seems like a car should have symmetry in the suspension system.
  7. Get the Griggs Racing watts link !!! :D
  8. Griggs is some excellent stuff but their stuff is way too pricy. For the quality of the workmanship the Fays2 is a hell of a deal.

    I can't tell you what the car runs on the slalom I have no real way to measure it. Wish I could have done that before and after the suspension mods but the butt skidpad tells me I'm clearly in the OH YEAH zone with the suspension tuning.
  9. Hey Walter, what tires are you running? I won't be able to make this months auto-x (going skiing), but I should be there in April.
  10. Stock. I want to learn on those first before stepping up to something stickier.
  11. I agree with you but the Griggs Racing is a completely different design than the Fays2. It's on que with every other watts link that uses a similar design like Saleen, etc.
  12. Technically speaking, the Fays2 has the "correct" geometry, with the pivot point mounted to the diff the roll center will change with suspension travel. This is not a very dramatic effect, but it's not good either. Fays2 is correct, but I've never liked the packaging of a system like this, too bulky.

    The front suspension from griggs is something else though. But there's a reason their drop spindle costs close to $4k. They do say their front setup drops 250 lbs though...
  13. Same here. When I get new wheels I'll go with a relatively mild tire. But I can pretty much guarantee that race tires will make a significantly more substantial difference than your suspension (going from stock to race).

    The stock tires push like my mother in walmart...
  14. +1 I used to get pretty discouraged watching some of the times the other guys were running until I peeked under the fenderwells then everything was gravy again. Just about everyone that was blasting the doors off people like me were doing so in purpose built Auto-X cars on trailered tire sets and slicks so keeping up with the midfield really became an accomplishment at that point.

    I'll see what I do with those but once I get into a set of GT500's as i'm selling the FR500's I"ll see what the big Shelby wheel/tires will do for cornering.
  15. The first time I went the only car I beat was a 93 civic hatch...
  16. My favorite Auto-X moment so far was beating a Lancer Evo VIII with my N/A 240sx. That was epic. Awesome.. this is post 505 which is my # at the track.