yay! the new M/T dr's rock!

Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by slo95.0, Oct 7, 2004.

  1. new times for me, these is the first time out to the track with my new set of 275-50-15 Mickey thompson drag radials.

    1.834 60ft
    5.510 330ft
    1/8th mile et 8.52 @ 81.51 mph.
    this is in full street trim, i just wanted to try out the new tires.
    i cant wait till these tires break in, i made another pass and it felt like a 1.7 60ft but the damn timer went blank at the track and they closed it down cuz it started lightning bad and raining right after. another good thing is i drove home with the tires on (they are mounted on 15x10'rims) and i have 15x3.5 with sportsman skinnies up front and they still drove ok in the rain, i didnt feel like swerving for the sake of testing them for you guys, but it was 15 miles home in pouring rain and i didnt have a problem.

    love these tires.

    someone up date the ET list for stock H/C/I cars :spot:
  2. what were your 60ft before these tires my best on bfg's same size was a 1.78 but id love to try these out i was on a stock suspension and stock heads and cam
    let me know thanks Brian
  3. i had nitto's before, i would get mainly 2.0's and 1.9's sometimes, but once i got a 1.89 but it was on a pro mod nite at the tracked and it was prepped like crazy.

    like i said this is the first pass ever, and i bogged them. im sure i will get some 1.7's easy
  4. Thats great, what kinda suspension mods you have? Post some more details so we can use them to compare. :)
  5. i have the cheapest upper and lower CA's out there by MAC and the rest of the suspension is stock, rearend is stock cept for ford racing 3:73's
  6. Are you still running the stock rear?
  7. Wow that's pretty good 60's. :nice: What are you dumping the clutch @ or are you riding it out?
    Any spinning at all?
    Where you using the Nitto DR's in 275 before?
  8. yup, the nitto 275's got me a 1.89 60ft one time on a pro mod nite with lots of track prep and fast cars laying down rubber, but every other time it was 1.9's and mostly 2.0's

    no spinning, i was actually bogging at 3800rpm. i need to raise it up but i didnt get a chance before the rain. i hold roll out of the clutch completly and then nail the throttle when i launch, so no slipping it. im too scared i will brake the autozone clutch it has in it lol
  9. What are your hp mods?

    I have ran 8.90 @ 77.5 mph in the 1/8th so far, with a 1.93 60', also with stock HCI.
  10. Any pics
    I run 2.0 before heads on Nitto DRs and 1.8 after heads ,everytime bog down so I launched at 6K and I got 1.8 :D