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  1. well... it is finally here, picked it up yesterday! and 3 weeks early to boot! :banana: 06 GT Coupe premium, tungsten grey
    here are some quick pics i took this morning.....



  2. now you have something to rival your beuty huh?
  3. OMGHI2UMILF :banana:

    Congrats, again :D

  4. Ahhhh ha ha ha.

    Yay! though. Nice mustang. Tungsten seems like a girl color.

    (oh and its beauty.)
  5. well.... I am a girl! :rlaugh:

    and ty!:D
  6. You're a girl!?! :D

    I forgot to order mine with the child car seat option :(
  7. NICE!! Lets see more pics..
  8. :rlaugh:

  9. just added mine today :nice:
  10. Nice car! How about some pics with you in front of your car? :p
    Oh, and could you make those a bit bigger? :D J/k!
  11. I agree. Too small. I can't really see 'em.

    Update: Added ICSP (Interior Child Safety Package) to my order. Whew....that was a close call.
  12. Congratulations!

    I like it! Cool car, cool color, cool pics~!

    Enjoy!!! :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana:
  13. pics fixed fockers! :p
  14. Sweet looking ride!

    Don't mind some of the no-minds... :rolleyes:
  15. or some of the yes-minds ^ ... :rolleyes:
  16. Yay, brownie points for you! :banana:

    Sheesh, I was just kiddin! :D The car does look a lot better now that I can see it up close!
  17. Agreed. Plus the unfortuantes in the World with Dial up were still loading the pic by the time FFG revised it... hahahahhahaha..

    Thanks FFG and very nice Stang. I hope it goes in that tiny garage okay.

  18. Nice one! I should be getting mine in that same color in a month or so. Only differences from yours are the medium parchment interior and spoiler delete....
  19. :p its a full size garrage, the explorer fits in there with plenty of room to spare.... so i think it will be ok! :D