Yea, so my Bullit suspension install led to new brakes, wheels and 2 tires... (pics)

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  1. I bought the Bullit suspension a while back and after the front got installed (why only the front?...don't ask...) I was driving to the beach and the front-ds caliper swung loose and cut a nice gouge through the middle of my rim...this also killed my front-ds tire as well....good start to a vacation huh? Thank god I was only about 25 min south of my house and the 4 people in the stang didn't die.....but anyways after it was all said and done I got new front calipers and rotors, a new set of 10th aniv. Cobra rims, and 2 new front tires....

    morals of the story:
    -The bolt holding the brake caliper needs to be very tight
    -If you want something done to your car, do it yourself, thatway if you mess up its your own damn fault...

    It looks pretty good now I think...gotta look to the silver lining in things like this I guess....oh well...let me know what you guys think....

    I guess I'll post more pics when I get around to installing the back end of the kit....

    Here's the before and after pics
  2. i like the new rims :nice:

  3. dude, dont worry, that happened to me as well. but i was by myself and about 4 minutes away from my house. stuff happens, there is no such thing as a mistake, just a lesson learned
  4. imo, those rims look MUCH better than those bling blings.nice choice :nice:
  5. Yea, I just needed an excuse to get some ford can't really tell from the pics but the old ones were 17x8 and these are 17x9 so the extra width makes it look more like ....well...a mustang.....also I was tired of washing chrome every 2 minutes
  6. look at it like a blessing in disguise.....while i know your wallet/bank account doesnt, those new rims look 100x's better.....

  7. Love the new look. Glad no one was hurt.

  8. Another thumbs up on the rims! They look great on a dark colored car. I've seen them advertised all over, but wondered if they'd really look nice installed. Nice pics.

    I'm guessing you've either got OR are going to get 275's all around? That's my setup at the end of this summer, just can't decide between 10th anniversary Cobras or the 2003 silver Cobra rims. Gotta get a set of new rims due to the Cobra brake upgrade also happening this summer. I'll keep this post in mind when that time comes. :)

    Good luck.
  9. :stupid:
  10. I like the way it looks, tastefull indeed :nice:

    Those pics and setting are nice as well.
  11. Nice man , you will awesome handling now :nice:
  12. Ding Dong The Bling Is Gone. The new ones look muuuuuccch better. :nice:
  13. I agree those rims look a lot better than the chrome ones.
  14. NICE!!!!!!! :nice:

    Much better looking now!!!!!

  15. Nice looks much better! Glad to hear that no one was hurt.
  16. Actually its only 245s right now because i already had those on my old rims, definately gonna go a little bigger next time then I shoulda paid this debt off...

    Thanks for all the kind words guys
  17. Oh hell yeah! That looks way better than the other wheels.:nice:
  18. Looks good.... so what do you think of the suspension? Did it lower your car any? I couldn't really tell in the pics... :shrug:
  19. Well, only the front end has been dropped it barely in the front....once I get the back done I'll measure to see the exact difference...
    The ride however has improved suspension needed a of the springs was in two pieces when we took it out....

    It feels kinda wierd now with the front being more crisp and the back still kinda sloppy....I can't wait to get the back done...(no messing up the calipers this time)