Yeah, another LT question.

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  1. Sorry for the redundant question...
    Apologies in advance.

    Installing BBK longtubes this weekend on a lift. Is it necessary to drop the motor, or can it stay on a hoist while the k member is dropped? I assume the dropping of the kmember gives the access needed, so its not necessary to completely rip the motor out of the car. Any help appreciated!
  2. You don't HAVE TO drop the motor out.. but when we did my LT's, we dropped the K-member and lowered the motor some as needed to get the bolts tight enough to suit me.
  3. we had to just move the motor a little bit, i dont remember if it was up or down or wherever the hell it went, but it was just a little
  4. Not to hijack, but after dropping the K memeber and whatnot, if you decided the engine needs to go up or down, do you need to disconnect any wires or fuel lines and whatnot, or do they all have enough room do go up or down a few inches?
  5. They've got enough room.. I believe we lowered mine a total of 10 inches :nice:

  6. Thanks man. Ive been eyeing a set of FlowTechs's and im trying to judge how big the install is to see if I should go for it or not.
  7. Well.. i've done 2 sets of headers in 2 weeks.. 1 set of SLP Long Tubes on my car, then yesterday I did a set of Bassani Mid-Lengths on a 99 Cobra. Dropping the K-member and raising it back up is probably the worst part, but it's not too bad.. Just make sure you have a couple helping hands, some patiences, big jacks and some jackstands.. and LOTS of tools, swivels, etc.

    I would definately do them tho! :nice:
  8. oh yeah.. here's the picture of how I "dropped" my k-member

  9. forget that, id have a shop do it. mine is a DD. id hate to reinstall something wrong. with the aftermarket K members i heard you have to triangulate them or something to make sure its sitting right, so that your alignments not off

  10. This is the way I did mine as well, along with my buddy's '99 Cobra we just did this weekend.

    Csledd had a smart/quick idea.. It worked great and we didn't have to mess with any of the steering crap, except for disconnecting the steering shaft. It left PLENTY of room to work with and wasn't too bad getting back up onto the car. :nice:
  11. Good stuff. Ill have access to a lift and full shop tools so what would be the best way to support the motor in the air?
  12. Put a jackstand underneath it with a couple 2x4's or 2x6's between the jackstand and the oil pan :nice:
  13. Bringin this one back-

    I completed the install, but it was a total ****.

    BBK didnt supply me with any gaskets or hardware. I wound up cutting the old gaskets on the drivers side, while sealing it with orange silicone. I relocated the dipstick, actually in the same spot but moved it to get the header on. I reused the stock bolts- and mounted the headers on the stock studs.
    70% of the bolts were hand tightened, because we could not get air tools in the space.

    The fitment was kindve disappointing- the EGR pollution tube bung on the header did not line up at ALL... wound up weaseling it in there, but im left with a "half assed" sense of accomplishment.

    The midpipe had to be persuaded to line up, but the seals seem pretty tight. Im doing my blower install saturday, so i figure i can go back in and re-tighten it all.

    The car sounds LOUD. Im not used to this sound at all- although i like the tone. First impressions was that the car was a dog/pig/slug. Didnt wanna go anywhere. Idled well and had good response, but it just didnt pull.
    It idles and cruises quiet, but give it ANY gas and it roars... almost sounds like something is open. I guess its because its longtubes, o/r X, and magnapacks.

    Im sure i should include the fact that we lost an o2 sensor, because it was seized in the old hole of the old x pipe. I put a temporary o2 in there from another car, so obviously it is not plugged in. The other o2s are in, but I didnt use the xcal2 MIL eliminator.
    Im not worried about the light, because the KB tune that they burned for me includes the option of turning the MILS off....
    My concern is the power. It should be pulling harder than stock. I guess we will find out when I put an o2 sensor in....

    Any thoughts?
  14. thats weird cause my header install was kinda a breeze.
  15. Same.

    You should notice a good gain in non-WOT driving as well. I sure did! Honestly the car felt faster just cruising around than it did stomping on it (might be cause of the whole blower giving me tons of power anyway thing lol).

    Congrats! Have fun with the blower install :)
  16. Ya lt install.... bring back memories..

    Make sure you have good gasket, 6pack, and few help when your dropping K. It is heavy SOB
  17. Ive heard some people say that they havent felt that much of a difference with lt's while n/a and nearly stock, and some have experienced low end losses. It should offer a nice performance increase once you get that kb on there though.

    If ya can post up a sound clip for us so we can hear the beast.
  18. Sound clips coming sunday... weather permitting. I wanna do some flybys and such..