Yeah, another LT question.

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by 1fast03pony, Aug 13, 2006.

  1. When I did LT's (did all my exhaust at once) the only other mods I had were a CAI and I could feel the gains like crazy on the SOTP meter at 4k rpms. You do lose downlow power.. but why do you want hp in the low rpms anyways? That's what gears are for :) I thought it made it a lot easier to drive around town missing some power down there.
  2. Yes what he is experiencing sounds a little excessive (especially since he has 4.10's). Is it a dog all through the rpm range or is it weak just off the line?
  3. Might as well toss in aftermarket k member if you go that far.
  4. Troof!

    When I did my LT's, I was unable to get on it because I hadn't gotten a tune for my cams yet.. But even tho I shifted at 3k rpm, I felt the power starting to come on with normal acceleration.
  5. You had access to a lift, a full arsenal of tools, dropped the k-member, and still had all those problems? And to think I flat-backed my bassani mid-lengths in my garage on jackstands, didn't drop the k-member, did the install in about 10 hours, it all fit perfectly, and my car went 4 tenths quicker in the 1/4 that Friday night . . . that kinda' sucks . . . I'd be disappointed too.
  6. Id imagine that not having that O2 sensor hooked up is causing a majority of your problems. Get that fixed ASAP and check for any leaks.