YEAH BABY!! Just got my 99 cobra!!!

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by RawNotch, Sep 8, 2004.

  1. Hey guys,
    I am so stoked right now..I picked up my 99 cobra last week, and I am in love. What a change from fox-bodies, good lord. As you guys probly dont know, I sold my two 89's to buy the 99. IT's black on black leather. I bought it from the original owner, it has 22k and it is mint. Such a smooth ride, with a/c :banana: well, my built 306 in my 89 gt had a/c, but the car would overheat when it was on. It Has had the fix obviously, and it came with a black leather cobra jacket that I guess you get when you buy the car new(back in 99). It's a cool piece for shows because it has a leather insignia on the inside with a cobra/vin number on it. pretty cool. Overall I'm very happy with the car..the only I have done to it is throw a k & N on there, but it sure did liven it up. Other than that the car is bone stock. It even still had the silencer on it, when I bought it.

    just thought I would share, no pics right now, but just picture a stock black 99 cobra and there you have it. Next week the eibach's go on, along with an s-281 wing :drool: I got one race so far, with a bolt on 2000 gt, it wasnt pretty..these cars are stout man!!!! I was so worried about the power compared to old 306, and while I mis the PUNCHY lowend power of the old pushrod, I love the smooth power of the cobra, after 3k that thing freakin rips. Sorry if I am rambling, Im just so excited to have a fast, RELIABLE, mustang. On a final note, I love the fact that I can chirp 3rd granny shifting, in 90 degree weather with 2 other people in the car. :banana: :banana: :banana: Ok thanks for letting me ramble, later!!!!!!!!
  2. congrats on the cobra all you need is a supercharger :D
  3. Congrats!!! Enjoy your new ride. These really are great cars despite that bad rap they received (pre-fix). Get some tasteful mods and you'll love it even more. The mods in my sig made my car feel like a whole new monster. Good luck. Ray
  4. awesome, welcome to the club! i recently went fox body to cobra myself. i own an 89 GT and went to a 96 Cobra! woo hoo!
  5. RawNotch - congrats on the snake! Post some pics when you can.
  6. Thanks for all the replies guys, as soon as I take some pics, they will be up for sure. :nice:

    Btw: anyone recommend any springs?? I want the sportlines, but I dont know if it a big enough drop for me. I want it pretty low, nothing crazy, just a nice solid drop. I want 2 inches in the front and a little less in the back, but the sportlines say a 1.5 drop. What are you guys running??
  7. Congrats. I would go with the sportlines, nice drop. :D I hade them on my GT and they looked great. I think you should also go with gears as one of your first mods. That will make up for some of that low end you lost. The best would be 4.10's, but you will lose some top end speed, where these cars really shine, so I would go with 3.73's. Happy modding. :nice:
  8. Congrats on the 99 bro

    i went to a 01 Cobra from a 97 GT and i was waaay impressed !!!!

    Welcome to the club
  9. Sound like you got yourself a hot ride! Congratulations on a good find. :nice:
  10. Thanks for all the positive responses guys. Double0negative: I could imagine how much of a change it would be form a 97 gt, to a 01 snake. Nice job!!!

    Dr.Wu, eventhough gears do help out alot on these cobra's, I like the fact that I have tall gears now, I love doing 105 in third gear. I just had two foxes with 3;73's and Im over shifting every two Thanks for the input though :D THe s-trim will make up for the little low end loss lol

    thanks guys, pics coming soon!!!!! :banana: