yeah boy!!! 13.217 @ 103.31 *Auto*

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  1. Those are actually incorrect terms in regards to the Mustang. ATX and MTX refer to Automatic TransaXle and Manual TransaXle respectively. The Mustang, as we all know, does not have a transaxle. ATX/MTX are terms most commonly used in reference to front wheel drive cars.
  2. It seems as though the AT folks argument is that you can be more consitant with a auto and the MT folks believe that given you have the proper skill to master a MT you can be faster than a AT.

    Personaly I dont give a crap. I prefer a MT and nothing any AT person says is going to change that. Just remember MT drivers can drive both :D
  3. Thank you for that clarification :hail2:
  4. theoretically, with both transmissions completely stock, the manual will win if both are driven to their maximum. Of course that's with a 4-speed auto, the new 5-speed narrows the gap but you're still putting more power to the ground in a manual.
  5. Something that I was thinking was that is is borrowed from Transit(Tx) and Receive (Rx) in the signal/computing world. Some may be confusing "Transmission" (Tx) with the "Transmission" in a car.

  6. Agreed and because the manual puts out more power they usualy give the manual a lower final drive ratio thus allowing a higher top speed and better fuel economy.
  7. Thank you for clarifiying that. I was starting to wonder WTF these people were talking about.
  8. wtf!!!!!!! this thread is supposed to be about an 05 mustang ET....fu*K this transmission s*it...i am getting sick and tired of @ssholes postin ETs without time slips or videos...i have been trying to remain optomisitc about the performance of the new mustang and i still am but i want real results...for the next @sshole who posts an 05 ET without a time slip or video i am going to find you and knock your f**king teeth into your stomach
  9. :lol: Take a few deep breaths ... Everything is going to be ok :D
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  11. What ever happened to the fact that as with anything else with major moveing parts in this world, it needs breaking in. I feel sorry for those people that like putting a hex on something from the start like that. Anyway, glad to see you haveing fun in it however though, just be a little easy on it for the first few oil changes if you want the engine to be broken in properly and last.
  12. The only ways an auto can win to a comparative manual are if the ratios are right and the transmission provides a nice clean and hard shift consistently.

    Manuals put more power to the ground becaue they have the ability to launch harder with "clutch slippage" to help with power defficiency on trying to push such a large vehicle from a dead stop. But the main reason is because it is a 1:1 ratio and they have a direct connection to the engine. Automatics rely on fluid transfer and have less than a 1:1 ratio until the torque converter clutch locks up to give it a 1:1 ratio for mostly fuel economy (but this only happens at highway speeds or if the conditions are right at 45 mph and above). The bigger the load on an automatic (in this case a launch from a standstill), then the more the "lag" factor for the engine flywheel/flexplate to transmission input shaft ratio is - the reason manuals launch better yet put more stress on everything else on the driveline at the same time.
  13. It sounds like someone could use a nap! :D

    Just relax. You're getting worked up over nothing. Trust me on this one.
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  15. sorry i drank a few beers since then so i feel better, but i know everyone can ubderstand my frustration
  16. :bs: I wouldn't doubt the 05 is capable of a 13.2 in cool weather...but this post is bs. No pics or clippies for 3 pages of posts = :bs:

  17. My 95 GT ran quicker than that stock! GeeZ! Do you actually think those are the quickest times out there? Sounds to me like the guy might be clutching and gassin with the same foot. This new 05 GT with 4.10's and drag radials is easily a high 12 sec. car.
  18. Listen guys theirs lots of Mach's, 05's, and fbodies that will be in the 14's but don't blame the car on it. Most blame the car and mod it to assist their poor driving. My advice is until you can get the car in the times it is capable of don't do any mods and you'll be way ahead of the game. :rolleyes:
  19. Look, I only know what my bud has told me... He was at the track when this guy ran, and only pulled 14s at a very low MPH (96-98...)... You can't tell me that MPH has very much to do with the driver, because it doesn't... You can have a crappy run that makes as much MPH as your fast run... I know; I do it a lot... It's a heavy car; I can believe 14s...

    Besides, the thread starter here still has NOT emailed me with any info about his time slip, and I'm perfectly willing to host it...
  20. Check some of the other threads. We've got pretty good proof that the '05 Mustang GT is capable of at least 13.6 with 68 degrees and very humid conditions.