yeah boy!!! 13.217 @ 103.31 *Auto*

Discussion in '2005 - 2009 Specific Tech' started by SonicBlue05GT, Nov 10, 2004.

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  4. I believe from reading many articles the MACH1 chirps the gears more easily because ford geared the tranny purposly to be more neck snaping, they set it up to the torgue and gears to get the perfect neck snapper, I myself drove a Mach 1 ,it was an automatic, and it didnt impress me much at all but of coarse it isnt fair because i had 2 people in the car with me ,But i powerbraked it and barely could get tires spinning , yes they did but not like smoking, Now i drove a 2005GT 5 SPEED THE OTHER DAY WITH A SALESMAN WHO WAS LIKE 19 YEARS OLD, hE DIDNT GIVE A RATS ASS WHAT I DID,oops caps lock sry, But anyways i laid into it pretty well not reaching redline but up there pretty well and it surely felt quicker than the automatic MACH1 ,I realy hope they come out with a 2005 Mach 1 , thats what im waiting for , I cant afford a Cobra , If they dont release a mach very soon im gonna ad stripes to mine on sides black out hood and maybe add the steeda scope on there website :spot: :nice:
  5. Yeah, I noticed that after I posted about how he might be familiar with me.

    BTW, the other guy that claimed to have run a 13.2X in a stock '05 came back to Modular Depot and the guys there found out he is actually SD Wheeler. SD Wheeler is a known BS artist and he has allegedly ripped of many Mustang owners with fake parts sales.
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  7. I dont see why someone would post such
  8. Thought I'd mention that some guy posted a time of 13.35 on here like a week ago, and later posted slips, and his story was backed up by a guy on a GM site who was actually in a GTO in the other lane.

    The guy who ran the 13.35 has a 5spd and apparently he's a very consistent driver. Anyway, I don't really care one way or another.. I just see you guys debating over times that have already been confirmed. 13.2, on the other hand... yea.. doubt'n it.
  9. There are posts on Ford sites such as this one by experienced amatuers who are reporting low 14's in stock 05 5spd's. This is in fall weather. Does anyone believe another guy runs nearly a full second faster stock?
  10. The guy who ran 13.35 in a bone stock 05 GT is absolutely legintimate. If you really followed things here you would have read his history. First time out he ran around 14.1 with 200 miles on his '05. He posted the results of every track outing with his '05 so we got to see how his times improved as he learned the car and the car broke in. He also said that the 13.35 was run at a track with lots of grip and IIRC temps in the 60s. He also has (or had) a Cobra and has a very fast drag Mustang (<11 sec) so he knows his stuff.

    His 13.35 is not out of line with the car rags either, M/T's latest efford with a manual is 13.5. There was another credible report here of low 13s with a bone stock '05 GT with drag radials on it.

    However if you are referring to the idiot who started this thread with his claimed 13.217 I agree he's a jerk and total BS.