Yeah, definitely the l33t sk33t.

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  1. please tell me that wasnt ur car.
  2. yikes, i bet 1105 is gonna want them porno red leather seats tho
  3. how much do they want for that bad a$$ green escort, my cat needs a new liter box. :D
  4. Thanks for the consolation, guys.
  5. Looks like my last car did after I rear-ended somebody :bang: :notnice: ...I definately feel for you, I know its much worse when its a nice car like that, not what I was driving.
  6. Haha, I wasn't even driving. My Sister's boyfriend wrex0rdz it.
  7. I know how you feel ! ! !

    This was my wreck in my cobra bout 2 years ago. Head on collision with a car coming from other direction on a wet morning. :(

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  8. Thats messed up so have you killed him yet.
  9. Yeah. :stupid:

    Hey Bigfoot, what is his(sister's boyfriend) entire story? I don't think you ever really said what caused this. :shrug:

    Was he speeding or what? That really sucks man. I hope something nice will replace that car.

    I don't see why/how someone could wreck someone else's newly purchased car. Thats ****ed up. :fuss: :damnit: :chair:

    :mad: :mad: :mad: :uzi:
  10. Shoot the boyfreind and then the sister for letting this dick drive his car!!! :uzi:
  11. yeah, i dont want this one to die until i found out what the dude's story was.

  12. negative... I dont like leather :D
  13. Sit down boys and girls, its story time.

    530PM - Sister goes to work, gives boyfriend my wheels, and he decides to get irresponsible. lol.

    633PM - 5 people leave on bus at Broadway and Bellview

    635PM - *******, AKA the BF punches it. 360 in the middle of the intersection, and slams into the brick wall by the bus stop

    635.1PM - ******* slams into curb or some ****, and then drives into a vectra bank, or something.

    730PM - Sister finds out about it, lies to parents, trys to make it look like she was in the car.

    800PM - Cell phone smashx0rz and Computer WREX0RZ of the sister's. ******* tells our parents he won't pay for damage, and the car is drivable.

    1030AM Following Day - Dad goes to see the car, tells my sister (hasn't seen it yet) that she can drive it home.

    1045AM - Sister gets pwnt.
  14. Ok anyone else follow what happend AFTER 730 pm? Cant quite follow the abreviations.
  15. Lol. Bigfoot, you're gonna have to use some english for the guys that don't understand e-talk.
  16. Hate to bump up an old thread, and fyi after 730 basically my sister got all her stuff wrecked, computer, cell phone, etc. My sisters former boyfriend said that he wouldn't pay for the damages and that the car was drivable. When my sister saw the damage she was basically jacked up by the truth.

    I have been saving my money for a while, I'm up to 1400, and thats about half way to a good old fox. Looks like my dad will go half'ers with me so I can rejoin the club.
  17. someones boyfriend would be in the hospital if i had been in your shoes.....

  18. My shoes are small, size 8. I can't hospitalize anything short of a little person.
  19. i had a 2001 gt vert that looked like that after some 16 yr old girl turned across traffic in front of me. i loved that car. the ins. co. totaled the car. it was a little over 1 year old.

    i doubt you will ever let anyone drive your car again.