Yeah, definitely the l33t sk33t.

Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by Bigfoot 13, Aug 18, 2004.

  1. I wouldn't have to worry about my sister's boyfriend driving my car. He's too stupid to know how to start it. :)

    Seriously. I let him try. He never figured it out. And I never did tell. :D

  2. :notnice:

    Nobody....nobody drives my car...and that's why, sorry to hear about your loss man
  3. Couldn't have said it better myself. The only person I'll let drive my car is my dad and he doesn't even want to drive it...So, nobody but me will ever drive my car.
  4. Why havent you sued this guy? Small claims court will award up to $5,000 :shrug:
  5. Dito! Get a judgement and garnish his wages until he is paid up. :uzi: :chair:
  6. I'm not in charge of the lawsuits, the car wasn't registered under myself, but I'm pretty sure that will happen eventually.
  7. yeah dude that really sucks, sorry to hear about it but at least YOURE ok.. whats gunna replace it - another stizang i hope?

    got a laugh outa that
  8. you didnt have full coverage?

    that's too bad... good luck on whatever car you get next
  9. I have 1300 saved so far (was gonna be fken 17's for my 94) and my dad is gonna go halfway with me, so I'll probably get a fox body 5.0. Down with the 4.6 :)
  10. foot = inserted in anus of bf... git`er`done!
  11. All it takes is one phone to these cool people called "police'ers" who solve problems like this.

    Make that SOB pay for it, doesn't matter if it's driveable or not.

    My .02
  12. would love to help

    hey man, if ya lived in GA i would love to help ya. i would be happy to stick my foot in the arse of a pu$$y that wrecks a mans car and doesn't take care of it. what a turd. . . but seriously, sue his arse