Yeah! Finally ordered my coilover!

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  1. After a Year, my Mach 1 will finally have 4 wheels again! :rlaugh: I just ordered a TCP Coilover setup and couldn't be more excited! Now, if only I can get the household accountant to let me buy everything else needed to get this thing on the know, the small stuff. Like a motor, tranny, brakes, interior...
  2. Yeah, those household accountants can be a real pain in the backside. I had my spring time budget negotiated and approved for a T5z and a new third member! Unfortunately, that was back in November; by the time February - March came around, I was downgraded to re-doing my suspension (not coil over either!). My budget was slashed from $4,500 to $1,000!



    Anyway, best of luck with the new setup! How long for delivery?
  3. I contacted TCP a week ago for that (before I ordered) and They said that the oilover kits are usually in stock and there should be a quick turnaround. But no date...
    Well my accountant sets mine sufficiently low so that I can only buy one thing a year.......but also doesn't go ballistic when I blow that budget every year:D
  4. scared of the wife, huh. :nono:
  5. Not so much scared as respected! lol It is an equal opportunity household; if not it would be a case of who could spend it the fastest... don't think that would work out too well for very long.

    My wife rocks!
  6. what did it set you back and what all did you get with it?
  7. The coilover war 2200 + 85 shipping. (It's already on its way. ETA 5/2) I was kind'a disappointed that you spend all this money on a coilover kit and it doesn't even come with the friggin' jig "needed" to relocate the UCA. That $2 peice of steel cost me another $50. I don't know what's worse, classic car companies or Exxon/Mobile:mad:
  8. BTW. I spend far more on my hobbies than she does on anything fun or supplemental for herself. Kinda make me feel bad to ask for a budget increase...........almost.
  9. I am right there with you! Famous last quote from my wife... "Do whatever makes you happy, the money is not important". This is of course said as she turns around and walks away staring at the floor! Ouch, just got slammed by another wife guilt trip... :nono:

    She is no where near the quality of a guilt trip that my mother could lay down when I was a teenager... but give her a couple of more years and I am sure she will meet the expectations! :rlaugh:
  10. My mother could never really guilt trip me. My wife, however.............she's goooooood.