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  1. Had Richmond 4.10's installed in the 95 AODE. Was going with 3.73 but had a change of heart. Highly recommended for you Auto guys and gals.

    Impressive, most impressive.
  2. Good to here glad you like them. I do have a question though. Most auto guys that go for 4.10 have a shifting problem. See as how the puter control shifts and 4.10 through off the factory setting has your had any premature shifting problems or redlining???
  3. I will let you know, I haven't gone past 3000 rpms yet. Installer said give it a 100 miles before WOT.

    I have noticed that there is a little whine noise that I did not notice before. But I may just be paranoid.

  4. I think that is normal
  5. There should be no whine when gears are "properly" installed. The only gears that have a rep for whinning is Richmond gears. You may want to keep an eye/ear out.
  6. how much did the install cost yah
  7. Got me for 300.

    They are Richmonds though.
  8. Whoops then yeah that mabe normal whine. But still keep an open ear if the noise progress than have them check. Go out and have some fun :nice:
  9. Thanks dude, going to Cali/Las Vegas for a couple weeks, when I get back Intake, Cam, Heads.

    Recommendations for the Auto??
  10. That depend on your long term plan for the car. You don't want to buy a h/c/i combo for an n/a then decide you want a blower or strocker and have to repurchase an intake or heads.
  11. Screwed around a little today. My excitement got the best of me.

    Car is very responsive with no tranny issues so far.

    Overall my auto is still pretty slow but it is getting better. :nice:
  12. What rpm are you cruising at 70mph?

    Is your speedo/tranny corrected for the new gears?
  13. I have 4.10s on my auto. At 70, probably a little above 2k.
  14. No corrections made, at 70mph, it's just a hair above 2K
  15. Your not going to be at 2k with 410' my T5 I'm at 2400rpm with 373's:shrug:

    My friend with a 94 AODE vert was at 2100rpm or something like that with 3:55's I believe...

    Is that correct:shrug:
  16. With 3.73 and 245/50/16 at 70mph in 5th gear I'm at about 2100rpms.
  17. im at 2400 at 70 mph with my aode and 4.10's
  18. ya that sounds a little more like it, my friend with his lentech aod and 4.10s w/ 245 45r17's is around 2650 at 70 and his o/d is very similar if not the same as ours in the lentech, cant remember, as for the comp controlling the shifts, i heard you dont need to re chip/reprogram your chip with 4.10's, if you make the necessary alterations to your valve body. This is because the comp only tells the tranny when to "actuate" the gear change, it takes a short amount of time for the valve to fill and reach proper pressure to change the gear, so the chip sends the signal early enough in anticipation so that the shift occurs at the proper rpm. when you put in new gears, this raises the climbing rate of your engine (say 1500 rpm's/second w/ 4.10's compared to just 1000rpms/second w/ stock gears)and therefore it will hit the rev limiter before the shift occurs... i have never done it myself so i couldnt even explain what hole in the valvebody has to be opened or by how much, i dont understand why a high horsepower car with stock trans comp settings and a quick revving engine with stock gears wouldnt run into the same problem, this is just what my trans guy told me. as for why YOU arent having this problem....i dont know, did your car really dog high rpm acceleration before?...maybe you have spark problems and you arent climbing quickly in high revs like you should be...just something that occurred to me... i hope this kinda makes sense to you as to why im thinking this... huh
  19. i dont need a chip to shift before the rev limiter when im not on nitrous, but when i use nitrous i hit(or used to hit before i blew the tranny) the rev limiter in every gear on juice.

  20. I will check again later today. Could RPM's be off ?