Yeah.. .I have chatter..

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by reeber, Oct 5, 2005.

  1. I just put about 40 miles on the new Spec Stage 3 clutch and it's chattering like a ****.. I know this is common for this clutch and I am confident it will go away when broken in, but it is embarrassing leaving a light with people giving me "thumbs" up for the cammed engine sound and seeing me bucking into first gear...
  2. Who put the clutch on ?
  3. My mechanic... All the specs chatter while breaking them in.. especially the stage 3...
  4. Make sure you break it in :D Your suppose to give it 500 miles of normal driving before you get on it :nice:
  5. my clutch has 10k miles on it and still ch atters its so embarresing
  6. glad to hear you got your car back on the road. :nice: hopfully it will go away after some miles are on it. i dont know if with that clutch it will go away completely though. :shrug:
  7. I have the spec 3 in my car and it only chattered for about 250 miles. You have to break it in with a light foot. Once it's broken it, it's almost has a stock feel
  8. what exactly is a chatter?
  9. Chatter is when you slowly release the clutch and the clutch plate "chatters" on the flywheel without making correct contact... However, I've figured out that if you release the clutch a little quicker, the clutch won't chatter so much, if at all... It feels like the car is bucking into first... Almost like you don't know how to drive stick... It's excessive in reverse...
  10. wel i think mines been chattering then, it seems like if i put it in second gear too soon it makes a low vibration noise, i guess thats chatter. Guess its time to replace it with a centerforce...
  11. SPEC SUCK. i took mine off only after 13 miles of trying to drive. they said brake it in for 500 miles of normal driving. don't know how you do that. only way i can get it to move was pretty much pop clutch at 2000rpm, or chatter something fearus. almost felt like i was going to breake motor mount or trans mount.

    SPEC cuck azz....

    basicaly something like this
    when you start to release the clutch pedal and it feels like it grabs, releases, grabs, releases, several times in a short amount of time. Almost like a bouncing sensation of the clutch pedal. A shudder type feeling might be another way to describe it. Once it is engaged there is no problem. It occurs during the transition from disengaged to engaged
  12. I don't think you gave it enough time... I know how you feel though.. i am told that after about 200-300 miles it should work itself out and be fine.. I know a few people with similar horsepower as me and it's the only clutch that will hold the torque... So, in my case, I have no choice.. I am confident that the clutch will stop chattering over time though..
  13. i think ill go with centerforce or a king cobra
  14. I have a SPEC stage 3 sitting in my living room with an aluminum flywheel. I'll be using the SPEC pressure plate for the clamping force but I'll be using a Centerforce disc. I'm hoping I don't get cheatter with this setup.
  15. I just installed a Spec stg 3 w/aluminum flywheel 2 weeks ago. I hated it, and I mean HATED it at first. The clutch was very touchy and grabby. It also chattered a lot when trying to start off in first.

    Now... Two weeks later... I'm pretty much fine with it. It has more slippage now and chatters much less. You really have to break in the Specs properly to get rid of the chatter. I've got about 350 miles on mine since the swap and its getting better every time I drive it. I drive it daily on the street and it took some use to because its so grabby, but now its very managable. And boy does it hit HARD. You have to be carefull because the Specs, especially the stg 3, will really shock the drive train hard.
  16. I fried the centerforce dual friction clutch... It didn't have a chance with the power my car was feeding it... I didn't even get one pass down the track... I barely got the burn out done, the clutch overheated in first gear when launched and all down hill after that... Damn, I hate that smell...
  17. ive heard nothing but good things about centerforce. Has anyone heard of the zoom clutches? Apparently they are made with kevlar to improve durability