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  1. I posted a thread in 4.6 but I have a saleen specific one. What cold air kit fits a 01 sc? preferably an aluminum or chrome pipe with filter? thanks for the help in advance.

  2. look into the chicane ripp kit.... I cant think of the exact website right now but its like or something close to that..
  3. THANKS A BUNCH GUYS! THAT LOOKS LIKE THE HOT TICKET! I called k and n before and they said they couldn't help me I was so bummed. Since we did so well with that one here is my other post lol!

    I am new to this site so I am hoping you guys can help me out with some decisions and prices on things. I bought a brand new 2001 s281 saleen and needless to say it was a lemon it currently has 11000 miles and the motor is out because it ate a rod bearing saleen sucks! however the good news is I am building it better than ever! I have a mark viii block that is going to goto dss to get bored .2 over and their level ten process. Then it will be filled with a cobra crank and all the manley goodies. Now here is where it gets tricky. I want to polish the whole engine bay! I have about 7 weeks to get it ready for spring. I want to buy some chrome ceramic long tubes but with the wideband where do you put then sensor Sean hyland says put it in one tube but im not welding in a bung on a chrome finish any ideas or past experience? Which comp cam should I go with? I have a tweecer so I can get it dialed in to run right and snow performance methanol kit. Also I was wondering about fuel rails I have priced them at around 350 dollars which seems just like the biggest rip off in the world! How hard is it to make them out of the stock? Anyone tackle this before? I will post more however I am new to this and not sure I will get any replies so any info or interest thanks in advance.


    It was late when I wrote it really im not an idiot!
  4. I highly recommend the demolet one also. I have had one on my last 2 Saleens and you can really tell a difference. Plus they look good under the hood!
  5. hey thanks for the tip. I have never heard of demolet before but they sound pretty cool and reasonable. Chicane is also lookin pretty nice just i will have to be careful adding the hole for the methanol kit.
  6. yeah if you need pic of the install i can take some. if you look at my engine bay you can not tell i have the kit everything is hidden we did a real good job. do you plan on using your windshield wiper resevor, that is what i used and i can still spray my wind shield. the only thing you can see is the MAF which was mounted on my fuse box cover other then that everything is hidden we even put the nozzle on the bottom of intake tube.
  7. yeah i would like to see it. I was planning on running a polished bottle see above post with my intentions completely polished everything. but the piece of plastic that covers the top of the radiator next to the hood latch was were i was goin to put mine what do you think?
  8. that is where you were going to put the MAF
  9. no I was gonna run a second bottle so I can run 50/50 and it would look stock if the bottle retained an engine coolant only top. the maf I can't remeber where i was goin to put it i think in the fenderwell. I gotta have it clean looking. Especailly with everything polished.
  10. Do they make CAI for the S/C Saleens? I didn't see any on their site.
  11. no they don't that was one of my questions that is why we were discussing chicane and desolet.
  12. Here’s an old school option.

    The MAC CAI for 2V 4.6s works with a little cutting modification to the tubes and is available chrome. The polished anodizing on the RIPP doesn’t hold up well from what I have seen, though you could plate it as well. That is what I had to do. I have a Frankenstein intake comprised of the RIPP upper tube and MAC lower tube.

  13. Hey Dennis, Everytime I see your Engine & how clean it is, it puts a huge smile on my face!:D Dam, I love that Engine Compartment! Clean enough to eat off of! I guess its hard to keep it that way when your driving the cars daily like my wife and I are used to!!:( Hey Dennis, you might know the answer to this question! Will a 75mm Throttle body work in our cars with the Saleen Series I Blower Inlet Tube??? Is it worth putting one of these in??? Also when I get my Valve Covers, do you want to make some money installing them???:)
  14. THANKS

    i would be happy with just alluminum and polish it myself. Where did you get those caps? anything else done to your car?
  15. silversaleen01: The aluminum caps are from UPR and Sneaky Pete’s Racing. The coolant reservoir is from UPFD, 714.890.5153. The only performance mods besides the CAI are a Magnaflow x-pipe with cats and an aluminum drive shaft. The blower pulley from South Florida Pulley is currently the stock diameter but is a quick-change setup, in case I want to go to a smaller diameter.

    Todd: I am not certain a 75mm will fit without opening up the inlet; the inside diameter is really close. Unless, you were to port the blower case, seal the gaps around the intercooler, upgrade the fuel pump, add more boost and get a tune, I would stick with a 70mm. Barry has a 75mm on the stock Series II inlet, so I know that combo works but the Series II in more efficient and he had an extensive tune.

    re: The valve covers
    It would take quite a bit of cash plus a payoff to my wife and maybe the oldest daughter to go through that installation process again. If you wanted to do just about any modification (shifter, brakes, etc.), I would naturally do it for free (free= a couple fines beers), time permitting.
  16. :lol: I'd help for a couple of fine beers as well.......Dennis, maybe you could bring the wife and kids down to Laguna, I'll bring Brandi, and the girls could make an afternoon of shopping on Todd and that would be the payment to us........That way we all win :D


    That engine bay just get's uglier and uglier :p
  17. Demolet does make a kit for the Saleen S/C. I have one on mine. It is the gt meter down system. He sell the meter down because there was no difference in changing the upper Saleen pipe. There is pretty good gains with his kit. Check out the dyno page.
  18. Actually on www.demolet.comgoto the "Endorsements" part and they have their kit tested on a Saleen S/C.