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  1. So I was outside today putting some new speakers in my car, and without thinking I shut the trunk to go start the car to see how they sounded. I got to the ignition and realized that I didn't have my keys...and thats when it hit me...I locked them in my trunk. :bang: My trunk release doesn't work, so I spent about 15 mins ripping out part of my back seat as well as the foam insulation, and crawling into the trunk locating my keys, which had fallen into my spare tire housing. Cramped spaces and a cut finger later I found them. Woo hoo. Anyone else have any other "dunce" stories? I sit now and laugh at my own forgetfulness, and I hope you will too.

    EDIT: The worst part is I have my spare trunk key on my keyring, so now it boldly sits on my key rack inside the house.
  2. all you had to do was pop the key cylinder sure its like a hatch, just pop the rivit off, pull the holder bracket out, then the tumbler falls out and you can use a screw driver to pop it
  3. My tool box was in the trunk, I had nothing to pop it with. :nonono:
  4. Hah ... for the past little while my power door locks would seize up on quite a regular basis ... which made the key pretty much useless. I would be able to open the hatch, but would have to crawl through it and open the door from inside ... trust me it's alot of fun when it's freezing cold out.

    I've come close to breaking my keys into two pieces fidling with the locks.
  5. When i put my motor back together awhile ago it was late i was excited to have my stang run after it being down for a week, so i took it out for a cruise all went well until my car died all the sudden. I get out on hte side of the road and come to find i have forgot to put the fuel rail bolts in.....boiling gas, injectors that would pop out every 3 miles, took me an hour to get home when i was only 10 mins away! :doh: since then i have learned to take my time...
  6. I used to have a grand am before my mustang, and i guess they're notorious for the doors to lock automatically for no reason at all. Well long story short, my door locks were really messed up and i couldnt unlock it, and they locked when i was warming up my car, so i had to open the trunk, crawl through the back seat, and unlock the car from the inside. Needless to say this is a big pain in the ass, and happened frequently.