yeah more,dog, and new roof.?

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  1. nice lookin roof :nice:

    :rlaugh: still goin strong with the posting pics of tasks you've accomplished. the little driveway thing, the dog and now the roof!!

    car looks good. Psssst....tint your windows and it'll look beastly!
  2. i know i am a pic whore...:shrug: :shrug: :D

    i tinted the side with tint from, it comes pre-cut and very nice....not big enough balls to try the rear (yet)
  3. well its a cute scruffy dog either way. wish i was outta the dorms so i could get one.

    check out my boy!

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    not tryin to hijack your thread though
  4. Nice roof! I remember the thread you posted about tearing down your shed... so random hahah. Oh is it me or do your rear wheels stick out past the fender?
  5. i've always loved your cars color, very nice wheels and tire choice to, but i only have one complaint, with a license plate like that you better be packing some serious heat under the hood pretty soon or stock ls1 owners are gonna race u and laugh. I'm not trying to be an A hole man but your just looking for trouble with a plate like that and u should be prepared when trouble finds u.

  6. ahhhhhhh.... i dont street race...:shrug:

    and i suck at the guess i will just take out my babseball bat, and smash the ls1's window...:nice: :D
  7. :lol: :lol: That's exactly what I was thinking.

  8. has not happend in 2 years, and i am pretty sure i am safe in new hampshire..:D

    although when i was out to dinner the other day somone asked me what i win, and i said "everything" :D :D :D :D :flag:
  9. Kind of like in the Big Lebowski, when Walter smashed that one guy's 'vette all to hell? :lol:

    TrueBlue03 must have cheap car insurance. :D
  10. Or maybe he wins lots of car shows.:shrug:

    :p :D
  11. I was making a corny Geico joke.
  12. oh damn im slow :doh:

    funny thing is i just switched to geico...and it is a lot more expensive than my old one :(

    hey fluffy, what kind of dog is it exactly? it looks like some kind of mixed terrier.
  13. Fluffy, how old are ya? And what part of New Hampshire are you from? I was just in Burlington, Vermont this past weekend visiting friends. Next time i'm up there take a drive out and we'll meet up

  14. old man of 35......and i am from the big town of webster :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh:population (something small) ...let me know...:nice:
  15. rear spoiler

    Did you replace your entire trunk lid or did you just remove the spoiler? The stang looks great.
  16. honestly...back and forth with the spoiler. when its off i use hillman plugs or vinyl tabs that are painted orange. :nice:
  17. fluffy how did you like that snaptint it looks intresting?