yeah my mustang drives!!

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  1. the 88 lx i described in my old topic, the engine runs great, all we had to do was change the filter and clean the pan on the tranny, and it started to catch the gears after the tranny fluid got sloshed around or w/e.

    It runs and shifts nice. the next big thing we need to fix is the rack and pinion steering, its messed up so the steering wheel is loose and weird to turn and stuff, very touchy. Theres also a small exhaust leak, and the power-steering pump is probably shot, we put a qt. of fluid and it still was grinding.

    Anyway, when i got to drive it, it was awesome. It sounds nice, fun to drive.
    Cant wait to get it on the road soon, whats going to suck is buying the 2 years worth of tags when it was sitting before we bought it.
  2. Maybe the problem is in the gearbox...
  3. whats that mean?
    we also thought the rack and pinion is messed up, but it was just the coupling disk on the shaft, we replaced it for like 8$ and the steering wheel is fine now. Also when you drive a regular car, if your turning and you let off the wheel, the car will align itself out. Well on the mustang it does this but not as fast, it sorta keeps turnning and you have to give it some force back to the center, could this be a problem with it not getting enough fluid?

    I can get a power steering pump for like 30, i get paid today so should i just go ahead and get one?
  4. Yeah I would go ahead and replace it now cause that might be your problem.

    I say replace it before it brakes on ya...and as a buddie of mine says for fords if it aint leaking somethings wrong.

    and that is true for his truck.
  5. I found that my steering was very loose, then I did a sway bar kit install (anyone can do it at a cheap cost) and my car feels real solid now. However after replacing a tirerod end and ball joint, I need an alignment to make it feel perfect.