YEAH!!! X-pipe just installed, couldn't be happier!

Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by Car Nut, Feb 9, 2004.

  1. After a quote of $2,400.00 from Ford to fix the bad cats on my stock H pipe, I just had my local shop install a Bassani X w/cats. Driving home was the best experience I've had in my car yet. Finally, I'm happy with the way my car sounds and the volume is greatly increased, even with the cats.

    I've got 2 chamber flows welded into my stock catback and though I've heard lots of negative reactions, I love it! :D Popping the gas brings out a thunderous roar and it sounds great all the way through the rpm range.

    As you may have read on one of my previous posts, I took my car to Ford for a diagnostic test only. The car had a horrible rattling sound and my engine felt very weak. Turns out my cats were bad. With the nex X pipe, my car revs a good bit easier than before and finally the power is restored. In fact, I think my old H pipe must have been going bad for quite some time, cause it hasn't felt like this in a long time.

    Now I have to get my wife to drive it in front of the house so I can hear it on the outside. :)
  2. Glad to hear you like it. I love my Bassani x-pipe too.
  3. The X pipe rocks huh? Bad thing is that you'll get used to it after a while and it will sound quieter. Then you'll want to get that O/R X.
  4. O/R pipes kick so much ass.
  5. I would get an O/R, but I gotta pass emissions every year. Plus, I'd rather not swap out the X for a stock H just for emissions. However, since my X pipe is bolted in and IF I don't pass emissions, I'll be buying a used stock H. I don't think I'll have trouble though.

    I've got a good bit of driving to do this week with work, so it should be fun with the new sound. It sure is great to get something that makes such a difference. I'd rather listen to a throaty V8 any day over a stereo. :)
  6. WHAT!?!?!?!? $2400?!??!? What kind of Ford dealer is this, or do you mean $240?
  7. Its worth 30 minutes of work to get a years worth of enjoyment to me. :)
  8. Actually I witnessed an off duty police officer looking into getting a stock H pipe from a local dealership and it cost right around $2000. Amazing. Needless to say he decided it was time to get aftermarket.....with cats of course. :)
  9. That's nuts b/c I have seen places like Year One sell brand new stock Ford H-pipes for $500.
  10. I listened to my voicemail from Ford a couple times just to make sure. When I called the service department they said the same price....$2,400.00. Now that I think of it, I should have asked them to give me an itemized list of their proposed costs. However, I just laughed and told them I'd go elsewhere to have a new X pipe installed at a total cost under $600.00. They didn't comment. The muffler shop I used got a kick out of it and enjoyed my repeat business again.

    The dealership is new in my area and has a real nice facility. They were located in a part of town that is deteriorating. I guess they thought I would help finance part of the new building. Stone Mountain Ford is the name and I'm surprised, because my father-in-law bought a Mach 1 there and he got treated pretty good. Go figure.
  11. you paid $600 to get the X installed? its not that hard to do, you should have done it urself.
  12. I just listened to the message a few seconds ago and sure enough: "Sir, we found that the cones inside your catalytic converters have come apart and it looks like the total for parts and labor will run you $2,400.00. Please call us back to let us know if you'd like to proceed with the service." Uh, NO!!!

    They would have to charge around $2K for the stock H replacement. Sadly, you know as well as I do that most people fork out their hard earned money for such repairs. I must admit though, until I found this site I paid out the a$$ for stupid stuff. Luckily I found this site and got the info I needed to do repairs myself (or at least get it done with the right parts and for the right price). My confidence has gone up considerably with the help here. I made lots of mistakes with my first car ('83 stang GLX V6) like getting my tranny "rebuilt" and my carburator "rebuilt" (should have bought new stuff).

    At least I'm not ignorant any more. Now I've got a plan, though slow, and I'm no longer making substantial mistakes.
  13. I paid about $500 for the pipe and $65 for the install. Sorry about the confusion.
  14. Im with you car nut....If I had emissions, I would fork over the little extra $$ for Bassani X WITH cats, and not worry about it again. Glad to hear it!
  15. is it worth it for me to get bassani long tubes, o/r bassani x-pipe, and real street bassani mufflers to have to swap them out only once every 2 years for the stock stuff for emissions. I'm sorta leaning toward the illegal stuff and then just go through the swap hassle.
  16. The only thing you'd have to swap would be the x pipe. Once you break free the rusted bolts on the stock stuff its a piece of cake. The first time may take a couple of hours but then it shouldnt take more than 30-45 minutes. Whats so bad about that? I've taken dumps that took longer.
  17. The swap is not a hassle at all. Its 45 mins of work every two years. Really, it is no trouble especially if the offroad sound is what your going for, it will be way worth it to you.
  18. Can you pass emissions with long tubes?

    I'd say go for it if you don't think you'd ever get pulled over and ticketed. I use my stang for work travel, so I go to too many places to take the chance. Lots of cops around Atlanta area and plenty more stangers, GM'ers, and ricers. I like loud, but don't want to p!ss off cops or neighbors.

    Like I did, do a little research to find what others have used to pass emissions. I have to say again that I love the X pipe on a 5.0.
  19. I don't think you'll ever want to have to pull the longtubes out, its supposed to be a huge PIA. As of last time I checked Bassani does not make longtubes for our cars. THis pissed me off b/c I love Bassani stuff and their longtubes are supposed to be awesome. I was told by a couple speedshops that the foxbody longtubes would fit with 'minor modifications', but none of them could really tell me exactly what that meant.
  20. Nice, I love my xpipe, it gives a great sound.