YEAHH!!...another C & L thread!!!

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by stang09er, Feb 29, 2004.

  1. i searched for an answer in past threads, but it seems nobody has the same setup as I do (im sure someone does). I have a BBK 70mm TB and just bought a C & L intake plenum from RONNIE DIAZ!! :nice: i want to get a bigger Mass air sensor to compliment the 2. I have an option between a 85mm C & L or a 90mm off of Ebay (??Brand??...although it's made for a 4.6).

    Should I:

    A. Buy the 85mm C & L due to "LACK" of performance mods.
    B. Buy the 90mm because it is larger, therefore more HP and ft/lbs / Lack of
    C. Keep the stock Mass air sensor because the gains are minimal.
    D. OTHER

    Thanks guys ahead of time!!
  2. I agree....I don't know from experience but from what i have read here, corral, and at modulardepot is that you will see very minimal gains. Use that money to put towards a trusted mod such as pulleys or a t/a :nice:
  3. instead of doing a MAF, save up and do a dyno tune and you can get your A/F ratio tuned that way. I'd save up my cash for other things, like the aforementioned pullies or timing adjuster.
  4. or you could get the pullies and a dyno tune and just have them bump your timing when they tune it....thats what id do.
  5. thanks a lot going to go to dyno daves in taylor in about 3 weeks and get everything taken care of in one shot. He is charging me $400 dollars for a custom tune and as many runs on the dyno as needed to get the chip PERFECT. That sounds very reasonable, but is that much $$$ to be expected. :shrug:
  6. For your car, C&L makes an 80mm MAF. It depends what your goal is. If you want more power n/a, get the C&L. If you want a MAF that can support a blower, get a Lightning 90mm. The L-MAF is not a power mod. I am selling my C&L 80mm MAF if you want it.